As outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, so are the perfect accessories for keeping the bride, groom and guests all dry – wedding umbrellas. Not only do they help to keep you dry on the big day, they also make for the perfect addition to a cute photo opportunity with your new partner.

Take a look on Jollybrolly for a fantastic selection of bridal umbrellas to fend off the rain and also add something special to the photos. We have also listed our favourites wedding umbrellas for the bride below – don’t hesitate to contact us and get your wedding brollies now!

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Heart umbrellas £22.99

These stand out heart umbrellas, which come in a variety of colours from white to silver, so they can be matched to your theme, are sure to turn heads. Their stylish design is made all the more better with the lightweight fibreglass frame, and the unique canopy is totally windproof too!

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Mr & Mrs birdcage umbrella, £21.00

The iconic dome shaped umbrella is perfect for keeping you dry on the big day – no damage to that perfect hair style at all! Made from high-quality transparent PVC this umbrella means you can see out and your guests can still see you. We also love the touch of the monogrammed ‘Mr & Mrs’ on the side, making this umbrella truly unique to the special couple.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Molly Marais umbrella with flounces, £24.99

This elegant Molly Marais umbrella has three exquisite frills which adorn the bottom. The delicate silver frame also adds to the luxuriousness of the umbrella, and the automatic opening feature means it can be quickly used if rain suddenly appears.


Boutique vintage style umbrella, £22.99

Add a lovely classy touch to your wedding accessories with this vintage style printed umbrella, perfect for the photos on a bright sunny day. The umbrella is 100% waterproof, so you can also whip it out for protection against the unpredictable British weather.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Beige scalloped Pagoda umbrella, £29.99

This beautiful cream umbrella with a large domed canopy has a delightful scalloped edge and a delicate frill trim. The crooked handle, with a fine leather finish, is particularly thin, adding to the dainty and decorative aesthetic. It is also available in white.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Daisy floral umbrella, £24.95

This cheerful umbrella is a great way to brighten up any wedding day that is dampened by rain, and also adds a quirky touch to the photos. The frame is built with eight strong fibreglass ribs and features a crooked wooden handle and tip, with an automatic opening feature.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Molly Marais floral umbrella, £24.99

This elegant style features a pagoda canopy with a delicate blue floral pattern and dainty border to match. This design is a classic, reminiscent of traditional European porcelain. With an excellent finish to it, this floral umbrella has a silver frame and automatic opening feature. We love this design for the older bride.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Pagoda umbrella with fifi frill, £24.99

This large polyester canopy umbrella with the layered fifi frills is a lovely decorative umbrella which is ideal for both the bride and groom to huddle under in the event of rain occurring on the wedding day. Measuring 92cm from handle to tip, the canopy spans a generous 105cm.

best wedding umbrellas for the bride

Black swirl umbrella, £21.95

If you want to go for a striking, edgy look with your wedding umbrella, why not get the black swirl (also comes in white) umbrella? The petal segments of the umbrella create a lovely shaped edge of the umbrella – this will surely stand out in the wedding photos.