There is a lot more to being a bridesmaid than simply showing up on the day and attending the hen party. Being asked to be a bridesmaid clearly shows that you are special to the bride, and that you have played a big part of her life. A bridesmaid should get along with the group; keep the bride stress-free and happy, as well as helping out whenever and wherever you can.

If this sounds a bit too much, we have some handy tips to help you be the best bridesmaid possible in the lead up to the wedding, and on the big day itself.

Before the wedding

Don’t moan about the dress or the outfit, which also goes for the bride’s dress. Of course, give handy tips and hints when out shopping for the dresses, but when the outfit has been chosen and confirmed, it is a bit late to start complaining. Just be gracious as possible.

Be upfront about the costs from the start. Your friends might be throwing an extravagant bash, and you might not be able to afford everything. Let them know from the beginning that certain costs might be beyond your means and you can reach a compromise. This can be done for all weddings, whatever the budget.

Make sure the happy couple are organised and stress-free. Offer your help as much as you are able, and even if you live far away and cannot do anything practical; your emotional support to both of them will be as much appreciated.

Help organise a hen party they will never forget! Even if you are not the chief bridesmaid, be sure to help out any way you can: organise transport, give tips on accommodation for anyone visiting from out of town, and make sure everyone is smiling throughout the day.

Don’t let the bride walk all over you. You might only be a bridesmaid, but when you are also her friend or close relative, you can speak up if the bride starts making crazy demands. And of course, the sooner you speak up, the easier things will be in the long run.

On the wedding day

Be prepared for things going wrong. Of course, you hope nothing will, but make sure everything is covered, from broken down vehicles, delays, dresses being damaged and overly drunk guests. Have phone numbers at the ready and even a mini sewing kit in your bag.

Don’t cause stress for the happy couple. As the bridesmaid, you can act as a barrier for the bride, so nothing bad happening will reach her. If there is a problem, try to fix it first before letting the happy couple know something has gone wrong.

Be the source of information: Guests will most likely ask the wedding party about where the toilets are, where the wedding umbrellas are kept for when it rains, when the meal starts, and so on. Make sure you have all the information so you can help any confused looking guests!

Keep an eye on presents and cards left for the bride and groom, even if there has been a table set out for guests to put presents on, and be sure they are all picked up at the end of the day.

The last people standing at the end of the night should be those in the wedding party. If the bride and groom are unavailable, act as the host and see off the guests as the party winds down. Even if they are people you only met on the day, be sure to make them feel welcome and satisfied with the event.

Image by: Kevin Dooley