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What Are The Best Golf Courses In London?

Golf courses all around the world are worth a visit, and some people enjoy doing the rounds just to visit different places, with the great excuse of a game of golf along the way.

Whether you’re about to find yourself in London on business or pleasure, or you fancy a special trip for the very purpose of a game of golf in the city, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Just five miles outside of the city centre is The Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Golf Club. This is a course with a view, so in between holes you can look out over the city. Very scenic. But remember, being the guest of a paid-up member is essential if you’re thinking of coming to play a round during the weekends.

For a bit of history, how about going for what many say is the world’s oldest golf course. With those impressive credentials, it’s no wonder The Royal Blackheath Golf Club requires players to book in advance, and again, if you come on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday you’ll have to have a friend who is a member and decides to invite you. Maybe you have.

Looking for a particularly challenging course? Famous golfer Gary Player said that Roehampton was ‘difficult.’ The Roehampton had a makeover a few years ago, so it’s worth a visit - as long as you have a golfing handicap, because that’s a basic requirement for entry.

And back to history, St George’s Hill Golf Club is set on the site of what was a hill-fort in the Iron Age. It’s a bit of a distance from the city than some of the other courses, but the nearest station is Weybridge, and it’s worth a visit.

Finally, how about a golf course that has been used in the Open Championship? Romford Golf Club is a good bet for visitors any time of the week except Wednesday and Sunday mornings and Saturdays when it's strictly members only.

Wherever you decide to play, we hope you have a good game. And by the way, we’ve heard London can be prone to the odd shower now and then, so if we can tempt you with a golfing umbrella, bear in mind we have a wide range for you to choose from.

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