Someone once said that golf is a good reason for a long walk in beautiful surroundings. Someone else once said that golf was a long walk ruined.

We like to say that golf is a really good excuse for investing in a lovely new golf umbrella! We may be biased of course...

If golf is your thing, and you’re wondering which golf courses in the UK are worth a visit, here are some ideas.

First off, how about St Andrews, in Scotland. Known as the home of golf, the St Andrews course offers an intriguing mix of potential safety shots and tricky technical play. If you’re looking for historical courses and you’re ticking off the big ones, St Andrews is worth a visit.

In Ireland, how about the Old Course, Portmarnock in Co Dublin. Tournaments played here enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, with a memorable 15th hole which runs along the side of the beach and is known to be a taxing par-three.

In County Nairn, Scotland, is the Nairn course, from which you can see views from every hole both of the Moray Firth, and also the Black Isle. Golfers here sometimes go off for some salmon fishing too. Your golf umbrella can double up for fishing, of course… just a thought.

So now off to England and to the Royal Lytham in Lancashire. This course, in Lytham St Annes, is definitely a game of two halves, with the the first nine holes proving much more of an easy ride than the rest of the course. A really testing game for the serious golfer.

If you’re visiting Kent, then of course the Royal St George’s course is not to be missed. Perhaps the magic of the best golf courses is the variety of experiences you can have in one game, from incredible fluke shots to tell the grandchildren about, to the ones at the other end of the scale that you’d prefer to forget and never speak of again. St George’s will offer you all of the above.

Those are 5 courses you might want to try out. Take a golf umbrella and it won’t matter what the weather’s like that day. Fair weather golfers can be transformed into all weather golfers!