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Best Golf Umbrellas, Best Golf Style

Your first time on a golf course can be nerve wracking. It is not uncommon to be invited to a game of golf to discuss important business matters and arrangements. In this situation it is crucial to not embarrass yourself in front of your business partners. Best plan of action? Know how to dress on a golf course. And if it rains? Don't ruin your chances of a good deal by arriving on the day without the best golf umbrella you can find.



  • - When wearing a golf shirt, your sleeves should be three-quarters of the way to your elbow.
  • - Keep it inside! When wearing a  sweater over a shirt, keep the collar tucked in for a clean look.
  • - Shorts should fall to just above your kneecaps. Be careful here. With shorts, too long is sloppy. Too short is obscene.
  • - Long trousers should only touch your shoes.
  • - Outerwear and rainwear should be worn trim. Oversized clothing does not enable you to swing freely.


  • - Wearing your shirt untucked is a no. Leave that for nights out.
  • - Having pattern on pattern can create a cluttered look. Same goes for accessories, you want to keep them muted and classic.
  • - Cargo shorts make for another inappropriate look on the golf course.
  • - Similarly, most golf clubs expect you to wear a shirt that has a collar.


  • - Match your belt to your trousers or shirt. That way your waistline is not so obvious, it also pulls the whole look together.
  • - If it is pouring out, having the best golf umbrella  is a must. Choose a large canopy to provide protection for your gear and golfing companion.
  • - Investing in the best golfing umbrella means choosing one that is strong and will not fly away in strong winds - Vented Canopy Umbrellas are your best bet.
  • - Wow your companions! The best Golf Umbrellas can come with logos but you can also have them personalised if you have time to prepare. This gives you a chance to go all out and have the best golf umbrella you’ll be proud to own.
  • - Spiked Golf shoes are the norm but if it’s a last minute invite make sure your shoes at least have good grip to avoid slipping on the course.
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