Umbrellas are the difference between a miserable, wet outdoor commute and a pleasant, dry stroll.

After the what seemed like a never-ending winter here in the UK, we’re pretty sure there are few accessories you are more grateful for than your umbrella. But, there is one kind that will stand out from the rest, that being the BLUNT Metro Umbrella. This umbrella has stood the test against storms and gales quite happily while the abandoned corpses of broken umbrellas continue to litter our pavements.

I’m sure we all have bought our fair share of cheap umbrellas during those weather emergencies when you really had no other choice. Yes, they are cheap and will last you a couple of storms at best before flipping inside out and just crumbling away.

With their pointy spikes, the traditional umbrellas are not the safest contraptions, and it was down to this safety concern which first prompted design engineer and BLUNT creator Greig Brebner to think about redesigning the trust umbrella. Most umbrellas do an extraordinarily bad job at staying over our heads and also out of other people's eyes, this is because they are a minefield to design.

Brebner found a way to make a better brolly, by solving the safety element and removing the spike also ended up being the solution to tensioning the canopy, which creates a much stronger umbrella.

Each and every BLUNT umbrella goes through a 38 point testing process to order to ensure its ready to protect you when you need it most. Wind, rain and hail are no longer weather conditions to make you nervous when you have a BLUNT umbrella in hand.

This friendly-looking polyester umbrella has turned out to be a lot of peoples companions during rainstorms. Its pops open with the touch of a button, but small enough to throw in your bag. Plus, with its bright colour options and rounded edges, it will certainly stand out in the crowd compared to the all-black umbrellas.

We know that the BLUNT umbrella will come in handy for a lot of you. So if you just want to be prepared for future weather conditions we highly recommending to invest in BLUNT. You can purchase your own BLUNT umbrella here at Jollybrolly.