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The Best Umbrellas Around According To Travel Experts

If you’re travelling, you still want to look good, and it can be even more important to stay dry. So we’ve taken a look at the recommendations of people who know about these things - the experts in travel who expect the best in their wet weather gear when visiting other places.

There are obviously a host of choices you can make, and some of it will be down to preference and taste. But for travel, there are some things that will be necessary for everyone. Your umbrella needs to be small, strong, reliable and good quality. Whether you’re stuffing it into your hand luggage or backpack or sneaking it into a glamorous evening bag for a holiday night on the town, you’ll want to know that the umbrella you’re carrying is going to do the job.

You might have done your research and discovered whether the place you’re visiting is wet or dry. But there are different kinds of wet and dry. Rain comes in all kinds, from light drizzle to seasonal shower, to complete downpour. It’s worth knowing ahead of time what kind of rain or wind you’re likely to expect. Obviously, you can pick up a cheap one along the way, but for peace of mind and to be prepared, a good quality umbrella will have metal parts that aren’t about to break if the wind gets a little gusty. You’ll want to be able to open and close with ease, rather than needing to force the mechanism. Let’s look at a few recommended examples.

Seasoned travellers might not want the hassle of a hooked handle. They’re classy if you like the look, and they can be great to hold onto if the breeze takes the canopy off in a direction you weren’t expecting. But when you’re packing light, a decent basic umbrella like the Stormbeater vented auto-open umbrella is a good bet. It’s made by Totes, and it’s large size, which is great for sharing.

If you’re a fan of a little more colour and personality, have a look at the South African handmade umbrellas from Babatunde. The lively design will brighten up your travel wardrobe and cheer up any wet shopping day in the city. If the weather is changeable, you might like the practicality of a bubble umbrella, such as the stylish Original Striped Bubble Umbrella, made by Hunter, and available at Urban Outfitters. You’ll stay dry without missing the sights. The Hunter range also includes an umbrella made specifically for travel, so that’s worth a look as well.  

Buy wisely when it comes to getting an umbrella to travel with. It could make or break your holiday.

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