It is well known that children continually change their interests and want all the toys and accessories to match their new passion. Here at JollyBrolly we want to help nurture their imagination and creativity, which is why we proudly sell a fantastic range of bright and fun umbrellas that are desirable for even the coolest kids. With our range of child's umbrellas, the fight to get your children to put on their waterproof shoes, coats and bring their umbrella will be a distant memory – they will be wanting to use their new, funky accessory even when it’s sunny!

Kidorable Pirate Umbrella - £12.99

For the aspiring pirates with their eye patches and parrots at the ready, we have a choice of treasure hunting, ship sailing themed brolly’s. With 3D features of a pirate flag, a sword and a sabre handle your children will be protected from the wild and blustery seas as well as a little English drizzle.

pirate kids umbrella

Bugzz Clear Shark Umbrella - £12.99

The sea and the creatures beneath the water are a fascination for many children. Why not encourage their love and exploration of the ocean with an under the sea themed brolly? Whether they like fishing, mermaids or the kings of the ocean, sharks, there is a theme to suit all interests! With bright colours, fun images and friendly looking creatures the umbrellas will brighten any rainy day.

shark kids umbrella

Kidorable Knight Umbrella - £12.99

Taking your very own mystical, fire-breathing dragons with 3D horns and ears for a walk in the rain will impress your children’s friends and put a smile on their face. As they imagine the dragon flying through the sky above their head, they will be in their own fantasy word.

dragon kids umbrella

Kidorable Woodland Fairy Umbrella - £12.99

For the dreamers of magical woodlands, our umbrella with a beautiful fairy and pop up wings is the one for them. Sprinkle some magic into their lives with this adorable and practical accessory; taking their fairy friend to school will be a highlight of their day.

fairy kids umbrella

Colour changing zebra umbrella - £16.99

For children with a love of wild animals, our zebra brolly not only serves its function as a fun, kids umbrella, it also appears to change colour in the rain, it’ll be mesmerising for your little ones! There is a great choice of safari animal themed brollys including elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys. Many of these are made from a clear PVC dome, which lets them see where they’re going and will protect their heads and shoulders from the rain!

zebra kids umbrella

Bugzz kids dinosaur umbrella - £12.99

We read our children dinosaur stories throughout their childhood and most of the time they can remember and pronounce the different species and their names much better than us! Your dinosaur explorer will be ecstatic to have their Jurassic friends protecting them on their walk.

dinosaur kids umbrella

Brighten your child’s rainy day with an umbrella that they will love using! Walks when the weather isn’t nice will be less of a struggle for you and your little one, as they will enjoy using their funky and cool umbrella to keep them dry.