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The best umbrellas for men

With so many styles, shapes and colours of umbrellas, shopping for one that serves its purpose and suits your preferences can, at times, be a blur. So, whether you need a brolly for your commute to work, one that fits in your bag or a large one that two people can be protected under, Jolly Brolly has the perfect one for you! The UK weather can be unpredictable, with the warmer weather on the way, we are more likely to leave our coats at home, but we can still get caught out! As the April showers extend into May, a brolly is a lighter and smaller alternative to lugging your jackets around with you.

Fulton Windbreaker - £21.00

The Blunt range are the strongest umbrellas here at Jolly Brolly, they have been tested in a 9-force wind tunnel with impressive results. Although this brolly is more expensive, it won’t let you down. Its robustness and durability will make you thankful you spent the extra. It isn’t often that you see umbrellas with an alternative shape, the blunt boasts a stylish and unique canopy, making it not only practical, but fashionable too.

black umbrella


Gents Budget Compact - -£11.95

Where would the development of umbrellas be without this classic? The no frills, black on black is the uncomplicated, everyday cheap men’s umbrellas, that any porch or cloakroom shouldn’t be without. For those quick dashes out of the house, the budget compact will be there to grab.


black umbrella



Clearview Gents Dome Umbrella - £24.00

If you spend your time navigating through crowded towns or cities on your journey to work and are tired of your shoulders and face being damp from looking where you are going, then this is the umbrella for you. The larger than average canopy will cover your head and shoulders. The clear dome allows you to see exactly where you are going and still protects you. No more splashes in your face from cars or the pesky diagonal rain!


clear umbrella


Shamrock Green Plain Golf Umbrella - £13.00

Jolly Brolly has a fantastic range of strong, storm proof umbrellas for when you get caught out on the course. A choice of colours from red, blue, orange, yellow or pink, there is an umbrella to match the rest of your equipment. Or if you are feeling colourful, bright and don’t want to be missed on the course the rainbow golf umbrella will ensure you stand out on each put. The chequered and striped styles are the classic combinations which are still firm favourites in the golfing community.


green umbrella


Olive Gents Walking Umbrella - £14.95

This timeless and classic brolly in an easy on the eye olive colour is perfect to leave in the car as it is fit for all occasions, with a strong canopy it can face a variety of weather conditions. The wooden, brown, hooked handle adds to the quality and feel of the umbrella.


olive colour umbrella


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