Whatever else you need to remember during your engagement, staying friends with your bridesmaids is a good plan! Those are the friends you need to pick you up when you’re having last minute nerves. They’re the ones who will be there to help you choose your dress and share a glass of champagne along the way when you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with the preparations.


And of course, on the big day, they’re the mates who are going to help you walk down the aisle and make sure you get there in one piece! So, keep them on board. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you maintain your bond with your bridesmaids:

Get them involved in the planning

How about pooling your creative talents and creating a website to help you and your bridesmaids look forward to your wedding together? If you have some keen photographers, avid Instagram pros, or just bridesmaids who are going to get really excited seeing all the plans come together online, then a website could be just the thing!

You could decide to have some planned social events along the way, like craft evenings, where you collect all your favourite swatches and samples and start to come up with the wedding design theme you’re looking for. They’ll love being a part of it.

And what about the honeymoon? Your other half might want a say in the real thing of course, but it can be really fun to engage the energies of your BFFs and ask them what they would suggest in terms of honeymoon planning. Trawling round a few travel agents for ideas could be a really fun day out!

Perhaps your bridesmaids are more like flower girls, and not really old enough to enjoy the champagne and holiday shopping. How about creating a beautiful tea for them, with wedding-themed cupcakes and a pass-the-parcel game, wrapping in silver and white wedding gift wrap and ribbons, and wedding favours hidden in the layers along the way? Make them feel a part of everything that’s happening.

You could even get them personalised gifts such as customised umbrellas, with their name, the colour theme and wedding date on, or something really sentimental, like a photo album, to show them you appreciate the fact they are going to be part of your big day.

At the end of the day, you want to make the most of the journey to your wedding with great shared memories and a few memorable photos. Sharing days and special moments with your bridesmaids can cement your relationships.