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Best Weather Apps For Your Phone

Here in the Uk, we are all well aware of the very unpredictable weather. This means that having a decent app that is able to update you with an accurate forecast has become a vital necessity for many as it'll warn you when you will be needing to take our your trusty black umbrella. Thankfully there is no shortage of options available which can make it difficult to know which are worth trying and which can end up leaving you getting caught in the rain.

1) Dark Sky

Dark Sky’s big feature is its uncanny ability to tell you when exactly it will start to rain where you’re standing. As well as the usual forecast, the app provides you with added notifications alerting you when rain is due to fall, when it will stop and the kind of shower you can expect. The app is all focused on hyperlocal forecasting and it works incredibly well.

2) Accuweather (Premium Version - From £2.54)

The Accuweather app is a great all-rounder - with hourly, daily and 15 day forecasts available, plus a MinuteCast feature that provides you with a 2- minute hyperlocal forecast for the coming 2 hours. The minutecast feature itself gives you the precise information for your GPS location or street address, the developers have also packed in notifications for any incoming severe weather events, android wear support, and a helpful widget. What's more, the interface is intuitive and very well designed.

3) BBC Weather - Free

If you are looking for an ad-free easy to use weather app, the BBC have the answer. The BBC Weather app combines a refined and clean interface with everything else that you would expect from a brilliant weather app. It is not the most feature-packed option out there but sometimes simpler is better.

4) Yahoo Weather - Free

Yahoo Weather might just be one of the prettiest weather apps available. It has already won design awards and you can see why. Weather information is placed on a photo of whichever location you happen to be in. The images themselves match the time of day and current weather conditions.

5) Weather Underground

This app takes a bit more of an interesting approach to weather forecasting. The information is provided by 180,000 personal weather stations which are all run by weather enthusiasts, making what the developers claim are “the world's most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts”. You are able to view and favourite any of the individual weather stations using the ‘Refine’ map and IOS users are able to connect the app to their Apple Watch to get even faster updates.

6) Met Office Weather (Premium Version - From £2.29)

We all are aware of the unpredictable weather here in the UK and although forecasts seem to rarely be on the money, it's worth checking out this app from the country’s meteorological service. The Met Office Weather app is able to give you a seven day forecast including daily forecast ‘snapshots’ for a quick update for the on coming day, the ability to save locations and provide hourly forecasts for the next 2 days. You are able to remove the ads for an added cost but the standard version is perfectly usable. With lots of features and the good old trusty Met Office Branding, there’s a lot to like about this app.

Image: Paolo Neo under Creative Commons

Paolo Neo
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