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‘Biggest umbrella of all time’ unveiled in Paris started leaking

It has emerged that a leaf-shaped roof canopy that was recently unveiled in central Paris, is leaking just days after being officially finished. It was nicknamed the ‘biggest umbrella of all time.’

The Canopy has been under construction for five years and covers 2.5 hectares and includes up to 18,000 glass shingles that have a yellowish colour to make it brighter. It was opened last week by Anne Hidalgo, the Paris’ socialist mayor last week.

Costing €240 million, the roof covers the futuristic new Forum des Halles, comprising a media library, hip-hop centre and recording studio, an auditorium and a number of other cultural amenities.

However, just days after the space-age roof, called the ‘biggest umbrella of all time’, locals were complaining that it is not always keeping the rain at bay, with some wondering if there even was a roof above their heads.

Dominique Hucher, head of SemeriSeine the public body overseeing the construction work said: “At the crossover points of the little sluices and beams, every seven or eight metres, sometimes there’s a little area that lets a bit of water in.” He said it was “almost” waterproof.

Even with a few leaks, the yellow-tinted roof in central Paris is definitely a sight to behold.

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Photo by: Ian Langsdon/EPA

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