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Is this the biggest umbrella to use in the street?

We have come across all sorts of umbrellas at Jolly Brolly, from ones with wheels and ones that can predict the weather for you, but this umbrella might be the biggest one we have seen so far. The Blunt XL umbrella is a large umbrella meant to withstand all stormy weather.

Named as the ‘largest street umbrella’, the Blunt XL is 1.4m in diameter, comes in red, blue, black or grey and weighs 850g. When folded, the length is 1 metre. It is not and heavy and cumbersome as you may think.

It is purposefully built to withstand strong winds, and the canopy is quick-drying polyester. Blunt developed the Radial Tensioning System (RTS) so the fabric used remains taut and unflappable in strong winds. The excellent guarantee will mean this umbrella could last for years.

The spokes have also been carefully designed to not poke anyone in the eye, an important component for the biggest umbrella on the high street.

But if large umbrellas aren’t your thing, then have a look at our selection of clear umbrellas, which will definitely make any outing in the rain keep you looking dry and fashionable!

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Photo by: Banabrella / Instagram

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