Weather reports are expecting torrential rain in some parts of Britain this All Hallows' Eve.  No surprises there.

However the stormy weather comes with an unexpected twist. Temperatures are expected to rise around 5°C above normal. Saturday may even reach a mild 20°C - this is due to warm southerly air flowing up from the continent.

This week, south east Britain has been issued with a severe weather warning for rain. The showers are expect to migrate from east westwards.

Weather Network spokesman Richard Chapman says: “Fronts pushing in from the Atlantic on Thursday brings the risk of further heavy rain to western and north-western Britain, although this may fade as it reaches central and eastern areas.

“It will be fairly mild again with highs of 14°C (57°F) or 15°C (59°F) with southerly winds freshening toward gale force and locally gusting at 50mph-plus.

“A wave associated with a front currently across Biscay is then likely to run north into southern Britain overnight into Friday.”

So it looks like Britain will be alternating between usually mild weather and a stormy battering of rain. If you have Halloween plans this year, be sure to grab an umbrella on your way out to keep that spooky outfit looking scary!

With Christmas just around the corner the weather only looks to get wetter from here on out.  If you’ve started your Christmas shopping already then we happen to think that brollies make fantastic Christmas gifts. How about a men’s umbrella for a brolly-less man you know, or a wedding brolly for a blushing bride to be?

Image: David Rosen