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Brolly Styling Verdict: A Black Umbrella is Best

If you were scrambling around trying to find an umbrella this morning, you weren’t the only one. A quick tally around the office and you’ll hear that most people struggle to locate a good, chic umbrella to grab before they leave for work on a rainy day. This begs the question if you were to be prepared, which would be the most stylish choice? A black umbrella? A patterned umbrella? A clear domed umbrella?


Yes, we admit it’s a bit unnecessary to give this basic buy such thought, but with the arrival of cooler months many of us have been forced to factor an umbrella into our outfit. Consider the late autumn weddings you have coming up too. Just as you wouldn’t want to be caught on the street with an unsightly brolly, you also wouldn’t want to ruin your carefully styled outfit with a garish patterned canopy.

Here are the failsafe styles to buy. Just try not to lose them…


Black umbrella is best

Some may say boring, but we think an essential buy. A black umbrella will go incognito and not clash with anything else in your outfit. Black Umbrellas come in many styles and will always look chic. These ones from Jollybrolly tick all the boxes.


Printed umbrella can be stylish

Printed umbrellas are not as ‘in style’ this season, but if you’re looking for something a bit different a black umbrella with an under canopy is the way to go! Fulton’s Bloomsbury umbrellas are the perfect choice - a classic walking style with a crooked handle, these black umbrellas, with their unique under canopy design, will make your brolly stand out in the best way.


Gentlemanly styles have elegant and substantial handles

Umbrellas designed with men in mind are infinitely more stylish, in our books. Fultons Knightsbridge Umbrella, for example, features a chic black curved handle and grey stripe, classic design canopy. Trust us, mens walking styles make a whole look more refined and if you can find a mens style black umbrella that’s even better!


Transparent brollies are in trend and the Queen does them best

The Queen has a catalogue of see-through dome umbrellas with coloured rims which she sources from Fulton. Whatever outfit she is wearing on a rainy day, she will always have a coordinating canopy to shield herself. Fashion brand Rodarte made this look even more fashionable by featuring clear umbrellas in their Spring 2019 runway show.


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