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We are blown away by this new Italian umbrella

No matter what type of umbrella you currently use, you can almost guarantee that, as soon as you try to put the wet brolly away, your clothes, your shopping, your friends, your colleagues and your floor will all become wet. Umbrellas are meant to keep us dry, and whilst they do a great job of that, they seem to soak everything else.

Until now!

The Kjaro is a non-drip, portable umbrella, designed with a fantastic case to stash your umbrella after you use it. The case is made out of waterproof textiles and features a hard, plastic drain on the bottom. When you place your wet umbrella into the protective casing, the water drips down to the bottom. Once the casing is full, simply drain away the water by twisting the mechanism over a sink.

It really is as simple as that!

The Kjaro is made from aluminium and contains fibreglass ribs, making it resilient and waterproof. Not only this but, if your umbrella turns inside out, it will return to its original shape without breaking!

Is this umbrella too good to be true?

Unfortunately there is a slight catch! The Italian made umbrella isn’t quite ready for purchase yet, and even when it is, we are unsure when the item will be available for sale in the UK. But don’t worry, at Jollybrolly we have the most fantastic range of stylish umbrellas for you to buy, keeping you safe, dry and protected. Head on over to our website for more information.

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