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Blunt Umbrellas Photographed by Petra Leary

Petra Leary is a photographer based in New Zealand who specialises in aerial photography. Her stunning work has graced plenty of magazine covers and she's been commissioned to photograph products of brands such as Toyota and SuperDry just to name a few. Now Blunt Umbrellas asked her to photograph their unique umbrellas.


We could not wait to share the photos with you! See them here. We absolutely love the bright colours and shadow play. Blunt usually uses plenty of high quality images to promote their unique umbrellas. Looking at the photos, you can't help to want to buy one of the brollies!

And you really should. These umbrellas have Blunt tips to protect passers by on the street from being poked in an eye, high performance frame that will not break in high wind (its tested) and most importantly in an event that the Blunt Umbrella is damaged, the company will fix it for you. They work very hard to make the Blunt Umbrellas as sustainable as possible and step by step they work to achieve their goal.

On our site we offer the Blunt umbrellas with a Tile which is a device you can hide inside Blunt pockets and in a situation where you lose your umbrella or misplace it, you can locate it via an app on your phone.  The prices of Blunt umbrellas start at £55 so any help is appreciated if you lose it!

See our selection of Blunt umbrellas here and invest in one you can use for years and years!



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