We need a disclaimer with this one! Firstly, there are eating habits of some bodybuilders that can be perceived as unhealthy so take these lightly. Secondly, your other half asked you to marry him/her just the way you are – so love your curves and don’t take this too seriously!

It’s normal to want to lose a few pounds in time for your wedding day and so we’ve compiled advice not from the usual diet and fitness blogs, but from those with some of the strictest diets and “on-trend” physiques in the world right now – bodybuilders. Dieting and training like these guys do is extremely harsh and difficult – not ideal whilst in the midst of wedding planning stress! But there are a few helpful hints we can take from this world to get us in shape for our wedding day nonetheless.

Macros – Not Calories

Bodybuilders often don’t count calories. Instead, they count macros. A macronutrient is a protein, a carbohydrate or fat. Alcohol also counts in this manner. Bodybuilders work out their bodyweight and how many grams of each macronutrient they need in order to build the muscle mass they want, they aim to hit these macronutrient targets daily. Counting calories is a notoriously challenging way to lose weight, so perhaps a focus on macros (along with a little research as to what are the right amounts of each for you) could be a better way to go.

Lose the Booze

It’s boring but a gram of alcohol is 7 kcalories. A gram of carbohydrate and protein are each 4 and only fat beats it at 9 kcalories per gram. Additionally, if you’re an occasional drinker it can increase your appetite – so keep the blood sugar levels…well, level and the kcalories right by ditching the booze.

Weight Training in Addition to Cardio

Cardio workouts such as running and cycling burn enormous numbers of calories. However, after you finish your workout your metabolism reportedly remains high for only around 15 minutes. Lifting weights has this metabolic effect for around 4 hours after a workout.

However, despite this being well-known there's other research that suggests changing your metabolism can take days - so even if you don’t choose to use this theory, weights have so many more benefits in addition to metabolic ones – and you won’t bulk up from lifting them – you’ll tone up and that wedding dress will only fit you better with curves in all the right places.

Eat Clean

Boring but true – eat clean. Chicken, rice, fish, eggs, pasta – lose sugary sauces and shop bought ready-meals even if they’re low calorie. All bodybuilders rave about the benefits of eating clean and keeping meals simple… even if they are a little bland.

Carb it Up

Carbs are your friend! Rices and pastas balance a meal perfectly – don’t go carb free, the “weight” you lose is a false economy. For every gram of carbohydrate you store 3.5 grams of water – and that water is all you lose when you go carb-free. A gram of fat is 3,500 calories – and it’s exceedingly unlikely that Atkins dieters who claim half a stone losses in a week have shredded an extra 24,500 calories! It’s water – so keep things level and consume those carbs – you’ll need them for energy and wedding planning.

Water Works

Bodybuilders drink a ridiculous amount of water, some 8 litres a day – that is a bit extreme but it is a good habit nonetheless! Not only does water give you energy – your body and mind will thank you for it.

NB: In the world of fitness, knowledge is constantly evolving. We got the notes in this blog from a Nutrition BSc degree holder and a bodybuilder – therefore the post is true to the best of our knowledge.