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Blooming’ Gorgeous: What Your Wedding Bouquet Says About You

Weddings are a symbolic celebration of love and the joining of two souls together for the rest of their lives. They are a way of demonstrating not only the love you have for your betrothed, but they also serve to show your guests a little bit of your personality as a couple. Therefore, many parts of the day can symbolise how you feel about one another, from the colour scheme to the season. Flowers are a spectacular way of sending a message about your feelings, as well as being a beautiful addition in a decorative sense.

Floral Meanings

Every flower has a meaning, many of which are deeply rooted in folklore, so it is important to choose the right flora for your wedding. Communicating a message about your love can be easily done through both the breed of flower and its colour. Here we will look at the different messages which can be conveyed and how best to choose the right flower for your bouquets and other arrangements.
Beauty: All brides want to feel beautiful on their big day, and with all eyes on them it is important to carry a bouquet that symbolises how you feel. Beauty can be celebrated both in an aesthetic sense and in terms of the beauty of your love for your partner. Perfect flowers for this meaning are the lightly fragrant Calla Lilly, which is perfect for bouquets, and orchids which come in a variety of colours and work well in bouquets and decorative arrangements.
Emotion: Weddings are an emotional time and expressing yourself fully to your partner is a huge step into a dedicated relationship. Lilacs are favourable for this theme as they symbolise love’s first emotions and come in two types, the French strain is more floral and works best in bouquets whereas locally grown lilacs are more bush-like and work better as a filler for larger arrangements. Orchids also symbolise emotions like love and passion and have been an elegant and popular choice for weddings.
Wedding Joy: Of course, many flowers are more specifically used for weddings due to their symbolic meanings of marital bliss. Stephanotis are an extremely popular choice as they symbolise marital happiness and their trumpet shaped blooms offer an interesting aesthetic. Roses are another more traditional choice, symbolising love, beauty and joy – perfect for weddings! With so many colours available, it is possible to choose a fantastic shade of rose to compliment the colour scheme of your wedding.
Passion: If you and your other half have been caught in the throes of passion since the day you met, you may want to choose a flower that symbolises the deep desire you have for one another. Peonies and tulips both symbolise passion and pleasure and are colourful and delicate. Accessorising your bouquet to suit your style is no problem as both flowers come in a wide array of colours and are fairly inexpensive.

Choosing Your Blooms

Don’t panic if you cannot decide between lilies and lilacs, they are thousands of types of flora available to suit your needs. If you are struggling to decide, why not go for a mix of many different types, creating a wildflower bouquet with a number of meanings? There is no pressure to conform to traditional floral styles either, some couples choose flora that have no blooms at all, favouring vibrant green leaves over petals.

However, it is important to be mindful about the negative connotations some flowers can have. There are many that are traditionally used in funerals, such as red poppies and marigolds – not the best message to send to your guests – and flowers like rhododendron, striped carnations and foxglove mean danger, refusal and insincerity respectively. If you are not the least bit superstitious then of course choose any flower you feel speaks to you through its aesthetics. But for those who are looking to communicate something through their chosen bouquets, a little bit of research goes a long way!

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