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Branded Umbrella Company Invents New Brolly That Predicts The Weather For You

When to take your brolly, when to leave it at home. That's the big question, especially when you’re in a country where grey clouds can clear in a few hours, while clear days can suddenly tip down in torrents.

Well, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped through a door to the future when we tell you this, but nowadays you can buy an umbrella that checks the weather for you! Yes, you read that right - an umbrella with onboard technology... Mindblown!

Now, obviously, you already know that if your trusty smartphone could already do this and has been able to for a while. However, it doesn't suddenly sprout a canvas roof right, at the opportune moment just as the showers start to fall. Instead, now you can still have the smartphone app but is also linked to the Weatherman Umbrella. It comes in both a collapsible version and also the full-sized classic size. Either way, it comes with a Bluetooth tracker so that the day you leave it on the bus you can follow it on your phone and watch it sail off down the road without you, knowing you’ll be able to find it later. When you’re investing in not just any umbrella but a technologically advanced umbrella, with a matching price tag, tracking is a really helpful feature.

This impressive Umbrella product was designed by a professional weatherman, Rick Reichmuth, who has years of meteorology experience under his hat (or maybe umbrella!). Gone are the days of just hoping for the best when you take your umbrella or leave it behind. These days you can be absolutely sure to take it with you if you’re going to need it. Just think of all those shopping trips when the heavens open just as you’re laden down with shopping and you’ve forgotten your brolly. Or imagine going off to an interview and not wanting to carry extra luggage, but also wanting to ensure your carefully coiffured hair or Armani suit doesn’t get drenched. The Weatherman umbrella has that sorted.

So, if technology and rain protection is your thing, then the Weatherman smart umbrella is going to be on your wish list. Perhaps you’ll be hacking the device to add some music speakers and a video screen for whiling away those stormy days. But for the rest of us, if you prefer to face the elements unplugged, you could always go with the purist version instead and take your chances with an ordinary umbrella. After all, a compact one is a fraction of the price and takes up next to no space - no batteries required!

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