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How Using Branded Umbrellas Will Help Market Your Business?

When you hear branded merch, what's the first thing that comes into your head? Cheap pens, the odd sticker and of course the flimsy notebooks? However, merchandising can be a very valuable means of connecting with your customers and audience, raising awareness of your brand and more importantly hopefully boosting those much-needed sales.

We all know that large companies are well known for giving away free toys and gifts in order to keep their brand name in customers minds. However, small firms are also able to benefit from these as well, you can use branded merchandise to achieve specific objectives such as encouraging people to visit your shop or office.

Now we have talked about what branded merch can do for your business, we can now talk about just why we think branded umbrella really would make a difference compared to the standard pen or small cuddly toy you get everywhere else... Yes, of course, you could say we are biased but hear us out!

Picture yourself on a grey and rainy day and you are out and about running your everyday errands, what is the one thing a lot of people will be walking with… an umbrella right? So how will this help boost your brand? If you have let's just say a thousand branded umbrellas out in the wild, this means when it rains its more than likely a thousand brollies will be walking around their towns with your brand's name and logo which means immediate exposure for you and your brand.

If you still are swaying to the whole branded pen side of things then just think about who will actually ever get to see it. It's more than likely that it will only ever sit in your kitchen or side table in the hall or worse in the draw that no one goes to where it will just gather dust. Having a branded umbrella will not only be seen and noticed by far more people but also it's a very practical thing to have on you never know when the next rain shower will appear, and living here in the UK that moment occurs a lot more than we would like.

Yes, in the cost level of things it will be a fair bit more expensive to get a load of branded umbrellas compared to branded biros or notebooks but we guarantee it will be something that people will actually want and use and could potentially make you more business in the long run. If you have the available funds then we think it would be kind of ideal for you to invest in.

If you are thinking that maybe branded umbrellas are the way forward for your business and you have a networking event to attend, roadshow or fayre your company is taking part in then this could fit in perfectly.

You can check out our branded umbrellas here and you just need to send us the logo or design you wish to be printed on and away you go!

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