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Breaking Bad...or Breaking Brollies?

We're coming up to the wedding season but British weather is awful and everyone's stuck indoors. So instead, we've been celebrity spotting and trivia gathering with a brolly-esque twist... This week it's the turn of the worldwide phenomenon that IS Breaking Bad, or should we say - Breaking Brollies?
Read on for some Breaking Bad trivia and watch this space for more celebrity brolly posts coming this April. Did you know:
1. Jessie Pinkman's character was supposed to die at the end of season one, however he and Walter White's character had so much chemistry they kept him in.

2. The house Jesse lived in during season one was sold whilst season two was being filmed. All interior shots of the house after season two are actually a set.

3. Walter White's pizza throw on to the roof of his house in season three was done in one take.

4. It costs $3 million just to shoot one episode.

5. The lawyer Saul Goodman's name is actually derived from the saying "all Good, Man"

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