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Bride stuns guests with incredible bouquet shot

We all know the classic tradition of a bride throwing her beautiful bouquet in the air, into a group of awaiting ladies for them to catch. The myth has it that whoever catches the floral masterpiece will be the next to get married.

This bride however, left her guests stunned when her bouquet throw proved to be a slam dunk when her flowers landed, quite perfectly, into the basketball hoop behind!

The wedding reception was held in a quaint sports hall, offering an intimate space for the friends and family of the newlyweds to commune together and celebrate, but who would’ve known that it would facilitate such an incredible display!

See the impressive shot in the video below:

Unfortunately for the guests, this shocking shot meant that no lucky lady was blessed with the hope of marriage, but judging by the look on their faces, that wasn’t even a concern to them. The guests let out a mighty cheer at the performance of the blushing bride as they all stared in shock.

The tradition of throwing the wedding bouquet is believed to have begun in either England or France, with it being perceived as good luck to touch the bride, or even better, to take a little of her wedding clothing away with them. The bride would then throw her bouquet away from herself to distract the mad crowds and draw them away.

Obviously nowadays, this is not the case, and although the tradition still remains, it is certainly not to stop mad crowds attacking your wedding gown!

However, if you think you could execute this skilful display, why not give it a shot on an outdoor basketball pitch? It could make a unique and exciting venue for your wedding reception. Just make sure your guests are prepared with a bunch of colourful umbrellas in case of an unexpected downpour!

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