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Bridesmaids swap bouquets for puppies at wedding ceremony

Over the years, we have seen many attempts at unique photography ideas for weddings that have become more and more creative, from the best coloured umbrella dances to ombre dresses, and this most recent idea is simply heart-warming.


This happy couple decided to swap out the traditional wedding bouquets for puppies! These made the most adorable pictures and gave each bridesmaid and groomsman a companion for the day. What better way to tie the knot as a dog-lover, than surrounded by cute puppies!

The puppies came from a non-profit rescue organisation, which is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs. They currently have 40-50 dogs available for adoption and were thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful ceremony.

The couples wedding photographer, Caroline Logan commented about how ‘thrilled’ she was when being asked to photograph the beautiful ceremony, surrounded by the puppies. She added that these puppies made the photographs look more natural and less ‘posey’, as the distraction of having a warm bundle of fun in your arms can certainly help you to feel completely at ease and relaxed. “And of course, the bridal party loved it! From the minute the puppies came bounding around the corner exploring their new surroundings, the bridesmaids were gushing about how cute they were. It was a dream for everyone.”

Of course these puppies were not treated as the traditional bouquet, none of them were thrown in the air for the wedding guests to catch! So there is no need to worry for the puppies’ welfare, the photographer even commented that the puppies were loving the experience, roaming around the beautiful gardens and cuddling up when they were sleepy.

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