The long-awaited return of The Great British Bake Off has finally arrived! We love seeing the bakers create magnificent showstopper masterpieces that would look wonderful at a wedding. Maybe you’ve seen your dream cake on the TV? Take inspiration from this, and why not add a little of the Bake Off to your wedding? It can help you cut costs and add a personal element of fun to the occasion!

The idea behind bringing the Bake Off to your wedding is that each guest brings their very own (hopefully handmade) cake to enter into a competition, judged by the bride and groom.

We’ve seen this done before in the past with some fantastic results. Everyone from the rookie bakers to the home-baking pros creates something magical - even the ones that do not fair quite as well provide a lovely load of laughs! They can go wild with the decorations or keep it fairly simple, but the array of cakes will fill your heart (and stomach) with happiness. You could even tell your guests to bring a cake instead of a gift, which may be an easier task for them!

This could help you cut the costs of having a professional wedding cake - which can often be incredibly expensive. Not only that, but you needn’t stress over which flavour, design and size you think will be most appropriate for your big day, as you can have all the styles, designs and flavours you like, provided on the day!

When all these cakes are laid out on a table at the front of the room, the guests are sure to marvel at the creations they have all made, this even provides a little extra decoration to the room!

So why not get your guests involved in the wedding cake baking with a Great British Bake Off? Let your guests know on the invitation that they must bring something tasty to be allowed in, luckily, unlike the bakers they can create these masterpieces in the comfort of their own home, where they won’t need a black umbrella to get their cakes inside in one piece!