An amateur weatherman who overlooks technology forecasts and uses nature predict the coming weather is saying we should pack away the barbecues and bring the umbrellas back out.

David King, the amateur weatherman, does not have a super computer like the Met Office but claims a 90% success rate when predicting the weather for the UK, saying he predicted a rainy year six months ago.

Though we have seen a few scorching days already this year, the rain and storms battering parts of the UK make us think King is on to something. He bases his forecasts on what he describes as country lore and what other meteorologists describe as gibberish.

Using folk lore, old sayings and talking to farmers his theories on weather forecasts include that if it rains on Easter you’ll have a ‘cheesy’ year and if the farmer can see the sun through the orchard on Christmas Day, they will have a good grain harvest.

King said nature can predict weather months in advance, from the way and when flowers blooms, the actions of birds and animals and more.

So if he is right we will need to get our umbrellas to prepare for the coming rainy days. If you need a new umbrella, we have you covered with our excellent range of umbrellas from golf umbrellas, ladies’ umbrellas, kids’ umbrellas and more.