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Where are Britain's rainiest destinations?

Living in Britain, we are never too far away from a patch of rain (sadly), however there are certain places up and down the country where the rain likes to fall a little more than others, so you will definitely want to bring your dome umbrella with you if you plan to visit any of these destinations!


Martinstown, Dorset

The award for England's wettest place is held by the village of Martinstown, Dorset where 279mm of rain fell in just 24 hours back on July 18th, 1955. That is pretty much the length of a school ruler!

Sloy Main Adit, Argyll & Bute

The record for the wettest place in Scotland goes to Sloy Main Adit in Argyll & Bute. On January 17th, 1974, this town received 238mm of rain.

Lluest Wen Reservoir, Mid Glamorgan

The wettest place in Wales is the Lluest Wen Reservoir which is set in the Rhondda Valley, Mid Glamorgan, where 211mm of rain fell on November 11th, 1929. The reservoir is surrounded by amazing walking and cycling routes for residents and visitors to enjoy.


December 2015 was very, very wet in Cumbria. The county holds the record for the highest rainfall level over two consecutive days which occurred back in December 2015, bringing 405mm of rainfall to the town of Thirlmere. However the highest recorded rainfall for any 24-hour period was 341.4mm at Honister Pass, this ran from 6pm on December 4th through to 6pm on December 5th back in 2015. The town of Seathwaite holds the records for the highest consecutive rainfall levels over three and four days, where between November 16th - 19th in 2009, The Hamlet in the Borrowdale Valley was pelted with 495mm of rain, 456.4mm of this, however, all fell between November 17th and 19th. Now that's a lot of rain for one county!!

Preston, Lancashire

Some places really like to take the phrase “short sharp shower” to new levels. It is believed that in the space of just 5 minutes on August 10th, 1893, 32mm rain fell over the town of Preston in Lancashire.

Maidenhead, Berkshire

The highest recorded rainfall in the space of an hour is at Maidenhead on July 12th, 1901, when 92mm of rain fell in just 60 minutes.

Hewenden Reservoir, West Yorkshire

Hewenden Reservoir near Bradford was pummeled with 155mm of rain in just 120 minutes on June 11th, 1956. Another, 120-minute rainfall measure of 193mm was taken at the Walshaw Dean Lodge in West Yorkshire on May 19th, 1989, but as there are reservations about this precise measurement the Hewenden figure is generally accepted as the record.


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