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British company designs bulletproof umbrella

Will we see Queen Elizabeth match her favourite handbag to the same colour as her bulletproof umbrella? Perhaps, as the family run London umbrella company that has supplied the royal family for decades have designed a bulletproof umbrella as well as a parachute version of the famed weather protector.


Like something more associated with James Bond rather than umbrella design news, the tests carried out on the prototype umbrella, the Kevlar canopy successfully blocked the ballistics in the carefully regulated tests, but one problem did arise. It was so heavy it could barely be lifted, making it completely unpractical… not very James Bond like.

Fulton Umbrellas in Park Royal, also designed a parachute umbrella that was put in to action as a possible escape mechanism for people trapped in tall buildings, this too proved to be problematic as tests revealed the canopy would need to be 20 metres wide to stop an adult falling to their death.

It certainly does send our minds in to overdrive with potential film plots, in the meantime why not visit Jolly Brolly for all your umbrella needs? We may not have ones that can stop bullets but we do have an umbrella for any occasion, whether that’s a fashionable birdcage umbrella for a loved ones wedding or just a big dome umbrella to protect you when looking for that elusive hole in one of the links.

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