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Wonderful Weddings - Without the Worry

Planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult as you try to enjoy the extravagance of your special day without breaking the bank. Read on for some helpful tips on how to make your big day live up to all your wildest dreams, minus the hefty price tag.

Get Creative

A wedding should be a celebration of a couple, from their personalities to their special memories together. Because everyone is different, the potential for décor at weddings is endless. Choosing a theme or style that perfectly speaks to the guests about you is the best way to create some special moments and lasting memories. If you do not want to keep with the elements of a traditional wedding though, there are lots of ways to adapt and change them to suit you – and your budget.

Choosing a theme or colour scheme which demonstrates your personalities is a lovely idea, perhaps your favourite colour is green, whereas your partner’s favourite is pink? Try combining these colours with your floral arrangements or bridesmaid’s dresses. Or perhaps your job had something to do with how you met your partner? Decorative elements from your profession can add an eclectic touch to get tongues wagging and memories flowing. Try utilising items and elements from your everyday lives in order to help create a personal atmosphere whilst saving your precious budget.

Use Life as Inspiration

Many people choose to spend a little bit more on things like the dress or the venue and leave themselves little money for the important accents which set the mood for the wedding itself. Using things from in and around your home or hometown can bring a real sense of closeness between you and your guests and cost next to nothing.

Centrepieces on tables are the perfect opportunity to create a talking point, you could perhaps use photos or items from the couple’s life together, or go for something a little different like coloured umbrellas to add a fun fairy tale element to the proceedings. The wedding party is a chance to be colourful after the tradition of the ceremony so using bright umbrellas with fairy lights underneath is a good way to create a bit of an interesting and zany vibe for a fraction of the cost.

Spotlight on Umbrellas

Of course, we at Jollybrolly are always excited to hear the interesting ways people have incorporated umbrellas into their weddings. We have seen some brilliant and quirky ideas that can really help add some sparkle to the day. Many have used parasols as decorative pieces as well as for their primary use, and another excellent idea is using umbrellas as lighting by adding fairy lights or hanging crystals for that ethereal effect. Even upside-down, umbrellas make an impact, particularly hanging from the ceiling intertwined with a floral display. The topsy-turvy, Alice in Wonderland element is always popular, allowing your guests to release their inner child as they help you celebrate your matrimony.

So, inspired to get DIY with your wedding décor? We are!

We have a wide range of wedding umbrellas you can use for decorations as well as for weather insurance on the big day, have a look at our gallery to get an idea of what colours and styles can add some brightness to your wedding day. If you'd like some more ideas of how to decorate your wedding on a budget - click here!

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