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When to Buy Your Umbrella?

Most of us have an umbrella somewhere - stacked in a wardrobe, by the door, left in an old handbag. We grab it when we know that it’s raining outside but usually get stuck when surprised in town. We end up buying yet another cheap umbrella from a convenience shop and throw it away next time it breaks in a heavy rain. So when is the time to really think about it and buy an umbrella that actually suits your needs?

April Showers and Winter Showers

If you don’t own a good umbrella, the changing seasons may prove to be a challenge for you. The first time you really get soaked in rain on the way to an important meeting is usually the time you finally buy a new umbrella. April Showers are not so bad with the weather getting warmer but winter rain is no fun. You’re already cold, it’s gray or even dark if late in the day and last thing you need is to get soaking wet - so a great time to buy an umbrella!

Moving to Great Britain (or Seattle)

If you come from a country that’s lovely and sunny- lucky you! But some parts of the world are more prone to rain and where Jollybrolly is based, the UK, it is generally best to have an umbrella on you at all times.

Planning a Wedding (or any big event)

There’s a reason why people choose to get married in summer… simply, there’s a better chance of nice weather on your big day. Still, we are the busiest in the summer months. If you’re planning a wedding, first of all keep checking the weather forecast and if you’re not 100% sure you will have a lovely sunny weather - buy umbrellas and best do it in advance to avoid last minute stress.

Going a City Break

You plan your trip, you look forward to it and then it rains the whole time you’re there- absolute nightmare! If you want to enjoy your long awaited holiday and see all the sights - buy an easy to carry compact umbrella. You’ll thank us later!

Decided to Take on Walking

Walking is the easiest form of exercise and it actually works! But as we all know by now it takes approx 66 days to form a habit so don't get discouraged and make sure you continue to walk, even in the rain. Buy an umbrella that will make it fun to walk with, maybe even a rainbow one!

Commuting to Work

Trying to save money by cutting down on driving? Public transport is usually the best option but no one wants to be waiting for a bus or train and get soaked. Buy an umbrella and have it on hand anytime you leave the house.



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