Getting married outside of the summer months can be a worrying thought if you’re feeling unprepared for the likelihood of rain. You have all these ideas of beautiful clothes and carefree laughter in bright sunlight, and then you realise you might have to walk through your special day in a downpour. This is why many couples decide on having a stock of cheap wedding umbrellas on hand. Guests are grateful, expensive hair-dos are saved, and the wedding photos don’t have to look like a wash out. Here are some tips on saving money with your stock of wedding umbrellas.

Remember that an umbrella isn’t just a practical device. It’s also a potential accessory, with the chance for some photo opportunities and style statements. Pick a colour that really works with your theme. For a classy look, you can opt for straight black or white. The right wedding umbrella will work as a sunshade too, so you don’t have to save it for the thunderstorm. Other options are to choose a tone that fits with your bridesmaids or table decor. You could even go for a transparent one and let everyone still see you when you’re hiding from the rain.

If you’re looking for a wedding umbrella as souvenir, it doesn’t cost the earth to have them personalised with your names. It’s a romantic option that will put a smile on your face on rainy days in the future.

Why not consider a lace parasol as a beautiful wedding accessory that can become a treasured item of wedding wear that gets handed down to future generations. Of course, this isn’t going to keep you dry, but it’s a beautiful look to enhance the beauty of your wedding wardrobe. 

If you’re holding your wedding ceremony outdoors in the spring or autumn and you’re concerned about the likelihood of rain, how about investing in a box of cheap wedding umbrellas just in case. You’ll want enough for everyone you’ve invited, and you may want to have a different set of wedding umbrellas for the main members of the wedding party so that you don’t run out.

A selection of inexpensive options are available online, and have a look through the choices we offer to see what’s available. At the end of the day, you can’t predict the weather exactly, and you really want to stay warm and dry, so it makes a bit of sense to have spare umbrellas on hand.