Opening an umbrella indoors is said to be bad luck, but we’re not so sure. After all, plenty of happily married couples have a stylish wedding umbrella as part of their iconic look, and yet their wedding day unfolds with all the same magic and romance, if not more as the umbrella-free versions. So that gets us thinking about all the other wedding superstitions that are definitely worth forgetting when you think about it. Here are some more we thought of.

Are you frightened of yellow roses? You shouldn’t be. Ignore the traditional saying that they’re all about jealousy and you shouldn’t have them at your wedding. We think you should choose your favourite flowers just because you love them, whether that’s red roses, wild daisies, gigantic sunflowers or whatever. Back in Victorian days the protocol might have been different, but if you’re planning your wedding this year and you fancy having yellow roses, have yellow roses.

Scared of dropping the ring? Nonsense. Years ago people thought this was a really bad omen, but that was years ago. Nowadays ring bearers come in all ages (and species!) and an excitable ring-bearing puppy, a nervous page boy or distracted flower girl will often fumble over the ring. Ideally you won’t have to watch it bouncing back down the aisle and into the congregation, but if you do, it won’t be the end of the world.

What’s that? Don’t get married in May? Who came up with that rule? Traditionally, May held significance for the Romans as a month to honour the dead, so weddings tended to be avoided. However, back then Saturday was also thought to be the worst day of the week to tie the knot, and that hasn’t stopped it becoming far and away the most popular day for couples to do just that. May is a lovely month for a wedding, with eleven others that are just as lovely.

And on the wedding morning, before the ceremony, of course you must avoid seeing your future partner at all costs! Seriously? No, of course not. For some couples this would be impossible as they’ll wake up in the same room that morning, or need to share transport to the big event. But that’s okay. You might want to save the ‘big reveal’ photo opportunity until they arrive to take their vows, but don’t fret if that doesn’t happen.

At the end of the day, superstitions can be fun to play around with if you like the quirkiness and folklore, but don’t let them spoil your day. Do it your way!