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  • Cheap Umbrella vs Best Umbrella

    ‘Do Your Research’ … not the most exciting words you’ve ever heard, are they? Especially when the research in question is cheap umbrella related! BUT believe it or not, putting a little bit of thought an effort into choosing the right umbrella can actually make the world of difference. It will be the deciding factor between whether your new brolly goes straight in the bin or whether you can carry it around for a decade and end up gutted when you inevitably leave it in your taxi 10 years from now.


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  • Planning, Venue and Wedding Umbrellas (Part 1)

    Whilst we are by no means wedding experts (we know very little about cakes and seating plans!), over the years we have helped more than our fair share of brides choose their wedding umbrellas.

    We know it’s easy to feel like rain will ruin all of the time you have spent meticulously planning your big day, but we’ve found that a few showers can actually add an element of romance to the occasion.

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  • Not Just Umbrellas: Staying Dry on a Rainy Day

    Although images of Christmas and snow may be popping up everywhere already - winter arriving in the UK usually means one thing: rain, rain and more rain!

    As self-professed boffins of wet weather and umbrellas, here are our 4 quick tips for surviving the ‘Great’ British weather this winter:

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  • Don’t Be a Menace - Umbrella Safety Tips 

    It’s time to have a word about umbrella safety. In other words, spare a thought for those around you when you put up your umbrella. Not only are they going to wish they’d been sensible enough to bring their own umbrella, and slightly jealous of how cool you look with yours, they’re also going to be the one who gets a jab from the edge of yours if you’re not careful! Busy streets in the rain can be a dangerous place to be when rogue umbrella users aren’t thinking of others. Let’s solve that problem right here and now.

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  • Umbrellas In The World Of Art

    Here at Jolly brolly, we offer a wide range of designs and colours which are part of our core collection of umbrellas, But how are umbrellas used in art? It turns out quite a lot of umbrella art installations have been popping all over the world.

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  • Ikea's Umbrella Prices Vary On What The Weather Is Like!

    Question. What day is a good day to buy an umbrella at Ikea? Funnily enough, the correct answer could be, a rainy day! Yes, it sounds unlikely, but did you know that when the rain is pouring, Ikea shoppers can pick up a bargain at some of their stores worldwide, because that’s exactly when they drop their umbrella prices.

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  • Stunning UK Wedding Destinations for Summer!

    Have you decided that a summer wedding is for you? Maybe this time next year? If so, then you need a stunning venue in order to highlight this beautiful time of year. Whether you are looking for venues for an outdoor wedding ceremony or fancy a marquee in a garden of an elegant country house, take a look at what we would suggest for the perfect summer wedding.

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  • What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Umbrella

    The humble umbrella has been around for thousands of years protecting people from both rain and shine. In fact, the actual word umbrella comes from the Latin word of “umbra” which means shade or shadow. Umbrellas were originally intended to protect people from the sun. Evidence of this actually exists in the ancient art and artefacts of Egypt, Greece, China and Assyria.

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  • A Grooms Guide To Their Wedding Day - Part One

    No pressure, but while all the eyes are likely to be on your other half on your wedding day, the groom still has some big responsibilities to get right. That’s why we decided to write you a two-part guide to make sure you’re fully prepared. From rings to speeches, from the bachelor party to the evening do, we’ve got your back.

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  • Top Tips For Your Upcoming Destination Wedding.

    Destination weddings aren’t just for celebrities. If you have your heart set on a memorable location, give it some serious thought. If it works out, it's going to live in everyone’s conversation for the next few years, and you'll have some fabulous photos. Travelling further afield, for a ceremony and reception that’s worth a longer stay means the world is wide open to you. Where do you want to go?

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