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  • Spring Summer 2019 Woman's Style Update

    Every year when Spring arrives we feel rejuvenated, excited and it reflects in our outfits. Out are all the heavy boots and dark coats, and in are the light trainers and easy to wear jackets. We dig out last years pieces and check current trends for inspiration. There’s plenty of trends lists out there based on runway shows and what’s on the high street but this one is based on... matching women’s umbrellas!

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Branded Umbrellas

    So you’ve made the decision to promote your business using branded umbrellas? Or you have an event and want to use rain as an opportunity for all your quests to leave with a promotional umbrella in their hand? An umbrella with your logo is a great way to treat your guests as well as have everyone they pass by on the street see your company logo.

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  • Windproof Golf Umbrella Shopping Tips

    If you love playing golf more than anything, don't ever let a bad weather stop you! Be prepared and always have a windproof golf umbrella handy. Golf umbrellas are different from your everyday umbrella, they’re bigger and designed with golfing in mind. A good golf umbrella should be large enough to cover you and your equipment and strong enough to not fly away in a gust of wind.

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  • How to Decorate a Jollybrolly Umbrella?

    Our Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas are the most popular brollys we sell. They’re popular for events, weddings, school performances... you name it. They’re also amazing for decorating and being decorated, check out a photo sent to us below. Over the years we’ve had customers asking what’s the best method of painting on our cheap umbrellas? The Jollybrolly canopy is made out of polyester therefore we recommend fabric paint and markers. You can also add embellishments to your umbrella like embroidery, glitter, lace, or flowers - see part 2 of the article. Painting your umbrella can be great fun especially if kids join in and at £4.99 our Jollybrollies are cheap enough to have a play with.

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  • The 2019 Wedding Trends You Need To Know

    2018 was a year of royal weddings! Seeing Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry’s weddings gave the world all kinds of inspiration and sparked a bunch of new trends. Trends changing is completely natural cycle, with some things getting overdone and old faithfuls being brought back from the past time and time again. Luckily, wedding umbrellas tend to stay the same and quality simple design will suit any wedding.

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  • Wedding Guest Dress Colours & Matching Umbrella

    If you thought bridesmaid dresses were hard… guest dresses are even harder! At least as a bridesmaid your outfit is usually chosen for you... Wedding season is here and if you’re anything like us you will be juggling your invitations trying to figure out how many of your dresses are wedding appropriate and where to start when buying the rest! Some colours -white, ivory, black- are obviously a no go but we’re here to help with some of this season’s most popular choices. As we’re pretty hot on accessories and the Great British weather can be pretty unpredictable we’ve also pulled together some cheery umbrella options to help you complete the look. Read More

  • The most special umbrella shop

    Vico Due Porte a Toledo 4/B, 80134, Naples, Italy. This is where Mario Talarico has his famous umbrella shop. He has been making umbrellas there for 75 years and represents the fourth generation of a family of umbrella makers. At 87 years old, he still works every day now with his nephew (also called Mario Talarico)  who inherited the family owned umbrella shop.

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  • How to Play Golf in the Rain?

    Playing golf in the rain is hard but can be done. With the right accessories and knowledge you can still enjoy a day at the golf course. Just remember the a place can change significantly in the rain and you will need some additional equipment to shelter you from the not so ideal weather conditions:

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  • What Colour Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

    Yay- you’re getting married! After you’ve got over the initial high of being newly engaged it’s down to the nitty gritty of planning absolutely every tiny detail of your big day. What style dress will you have? Will you serve food? Will you serve cake? Will you provide wedding umbrellas? Will you create a seating plan? The list goes on…

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  • Umbrella in Photography (Part 1)

    Umbrellas are far more than just a rainy day accessory. From props to lighting modifiers, umbrellas are affordable multi use photography tools. They’re can be colourful or semi-transparent. They can come in different shapes and patterns and are bursting with inspiration for photographers. Don’t believe us? We have so many counts of umbrella use in photography we have to split this article into two parts!

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