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  • Ladies Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

    ‘Tis the season of rainy mornings but never fear we’ve got inspo to keep you going (and dry) on your morning commute. Gather together your boots, your wellies, your coats…. And for goodness sakes don’t forget your umbrellas, ladies! The rain doesn’t have to keep you from looking great….

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  • Umbrellas in Photography (Part 1)

    Umbrellas are far more than just a rainy day accessory. From props to lighting modifiers, umbrellas are affordable multi use photography tools. They’re can be colourful or semi-transparent. They can come in different shapes and patterns and are bursting with inspiration for photographers. Don’t believe us? We have so many counts of umbrella use in photography we have to split this article into two parts!

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  • Fun Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Animals

    How do kids know the difference between a monkey and a pony? Does your boy know what a sheep is? Does your girl know the sounds a lion makes? Introducing kids to animals can be fun if you know how to get them interested.

    Here are few ideas to help your little boy or girl love animals:

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  • Waterproof Your Monday Outfit

    A weekend at home sounds perfect when it rains outside. You’re warm and snuggly and have nothing to worry about... Then, Monday arrives, and you have to brave the weather. Now, we’ve all had the awful experience being soaked in the rain. Sometimes just having an umbrella doesn't cut it! Be it monsoon or one of those surprise showers, it’s always good to be prepared.

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  • Golf Outfits That Help You Play Your Best

    Ladies, do you have that lucky outfit that for some reason you just tend to play golf well in?      I’ll bet we all do.Typically when you are feeling good in all aspects of your life, you’ll score better than if you’re not feeling your best. And having all your accessories together- such as sun shading hats and a windproof ladies golf umbrella - doesn’t hurt either!

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  • The Designers Working on Improving Umbrellas

    Umbrella design is one of the most recognisable shapes in the world. We’ve all had countless numbers of brollies throughout our lives, yet there’s not many that we actually remember. More than 5,000 models are on sale on Amazon and now young designers are trying to use new technology to reinvent them.

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  • Final Touches and  Wedding Umbrellas

    You’ve reached our third and final instalment of ‘ Wedding Umbrellas’ series. Today we’re covering those final touches to cosy up your wedding if the heavens do decide to open and make your special day even more memorable than you could imagine!

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  • A Right White Wedding Dress & Umbrella to Match


    White is white… right? Wrong! We know better than anyone that white is never just white- there are varying shades to choose from that look different from bride to bride. And that’s before we even get started with the champagnes the ivorys, the creams and the beiges!

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  • When to Buy Your Umbrella?

    Most of us have an umbrella somewhere - stacked in a wardrobe, by the door, left in an old handbag. We grab it when we know that it’s raining outside but usually get stuck when surprised in town. We end up buying yet another cheap umbrella from a convenience shop and throw it away next time it breaks in a heavy rain. So when is the time to really think about it and buy an umbrella that actually suits your needs?

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  • Japanese Umbrella Etiquette

    Japan is a wonderful place to visit and many of us dream of one day walking the streets of Tokyo. It does have a pretty serious rainy season though and when it rains the last thing anyone wants is to be caught in a downpour without an umbrella! And we all know Japan is a country with high personal manners so you don't want to be caught unaware. Here are few tips to help you stay dry and avoid a rainy day faux pas.

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