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  • Cost Savings Ideas for the Wedding Wallet

    On our social media travels, we love getting to know other suppliers specialising in various facets and niches within the wedding industry. It’s undeniable that a lot of the focus is on the bride and that wedding day costs can spiral out of control, so we were delighted to come across a lady specialising in second hand, designer outfits for bridesmaids, mother’s of the brides and other wedding guests.

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  • VIDEO: ever wondered how the umbrella is made?

    More than 3000 years ago the umbrella graced the world with its presence, and ever since there have been on-going advancements in technology which have allowed for the production of more and more umbrellas of varying shapes, styles, and grades.


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  • 20 Songs dedicated to Umbrellas and why we love them!

    Did you know that February 10th is designated as National Umbrella Day? Now, we know we’re some way off of February again, but while thinking about umbrellas (as we do so often) we got to thinking about all the songs that have referred to one of the world’s greatest inventions.

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  • Before it was famous: the umbrella through the ages

    You might be wondering where the umbrella’s past lies, where the advancements came from and why it was used. We can tell you the answers to all of the aforementioned questions, and more. Just stay with us, and before you know it you’ll be an umbrella history aficionado!

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  • 16 fun facts about the humble umbrella

    The humble umbrella. Always there for you, come rain or shine, wind or sleet, the trusty brolly is there to help protect you from the elements no matter what the occasion. Here are 16 fun facts you can enjoy on the thing we love the most here at Jolly Brolly: The Umbrella!

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