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  • 3 Reasons to Choose a Branded Golf Umbrella

    Golf umbrellas are known for their strength and size - perfect for a golf course! But what exactly makes these brollies the perfect for printing your company logo on?

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  • How to master your golf skills in the rain?

    This years summer spoils us with great sunny weather but there’s still an odd day when it rains. Don’t let that stop you from practicing your game! Especially since it’s Britain and you need to know how to play in bad weather conditions if you want to play at all. So get your golf clubs, cheap golf umbrella and enjoy a day at a (wet) golf course! 

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  • How to be Prepared for Golf Season?

    Summer is the golfing season - most of the golf tournaments are played in summer and usually during the hottest part of the day. Playing golf requires mental focus and a lot of walking therefore it is important to be physically prepared before and look after yourself whilst on the golf course. Follow the below advice and you should be ready for summer golfing in no time!

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  • 5 Ways you Can Save Money Playing Golf

    Playing golf can be expensive - there’s a reason we usually see politicians and business people play it! But you can also save money and manage to have golf as a hobby with these easy and relatable tips:

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  • Why teaching kids golf is the best idea

    Getting your kids to play golf is truly the best idea, like any other sport, it comes with variety of benefits that will be useful to them in present and future life. These days kids favourite way to spend their free time is on their phones and iPads. Parents proudly show off their offsprings skills on tech devices and sure - it will be useful in the future but it’s almost a given these day, everyone under age 25 knows how to use computer. What seems to be more rare these days are social skills and active lifestyle. Golf is one of sports that’s niche and maybe more interesting than football but still teaches your kids values important for their future life.

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  • All about best golf umbrellas

    No matter if you’re a pro or just starting playing golf you must agree with us that a good golf umbrella is a crucial part of golfing equipment. It will protect you and your equipment from the rain and allow you to continue playing no matter the weather. And it’s not only rain, sometimes sun shining in your eyes can cause disturbance. This makes us think how important owning the right golf umbrella is and what makes the best golf umbrella? If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry - we have few tips for you to help you decide.

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  • How to Play Golf in the Rain?

    Playing golf in the rain is hard but can be done. With the right accessories and knowledge you can still enjoy a day at the golf course. Just remember the a place can change significantly in the rain and you will need some additional equipment to shelter you from the not so ideal weather conditions:

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  • 6 Ways Golf Can Benefit Your Health

    Often when you think golf you imagine leisurely spent time between business partners or politicians, talking about their agreements and projects. But it’s far from that! It's a competitive sport and it can positively affect your health. Studies have proven that golfing helps those who suffer chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast cancer and stroke, as well as helps reduce the risk of anxiety, depression and dementia.

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  • Golf Outfits That Help You Play Your Best

    Ladies, do you have that lucky outfit that for some reason you just tend to play golf well in?      I’ll bet we all do.Typically when you are feeling good in all aspects of your life, you’ll score better than if you’re not feeling your best. And having all your accessories together- such as sun shading hats and a windproof ladies golf umbrella - doesn’t hurt either!

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  • 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Golfer Should Own

    ‘Golf is a rich sport’- it’s a popular statement and they’re not wrong. However, you don’t need an excessive amount of equipment to play it right. Only few pieces such as clubs, a windproof golf umbrella and a bag are essential to a successful golf experience.

    What exactly do you need to look for to complete your set?

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