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umbrella style

  • The Best Cheap Umbrella and Stylish Wellies Combos

    Don't let a little precipitation get in the way of your personal style. With many rainy days ahead, why not make your weather-friendly accessories such as cheap umbrella and wellies as fashionable as your winter outfits?

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  • Red Dresses & Bridal Umbrellas

    Here in the UK when we say ‘Wedding Dress’ the first things that springs to mind is a flowing white princess gown. But this isn’t the case around the world. Some cultures would immediately think bright red, some might think of accessories like a bridal umbrella, and some might not even think of a dress at all! Read on to find out what wedding dresses look like across the world!

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  • The Queen Sets Trend with Her Fashion Umbrellas

    It wasn't until few years ago that Queen Elizabeth II, who hasn’t always been considered stylish in the past, finally started having her moment as a fashion icon. Many of the styling tricks she enjoys — like monochrome outfits, headscarves, and neon brights — have all been recent runway trends. Now the queen's signature styling trick for rainy days: a Transparent Fashion Umbrella also appears to be trending at New York Fashion Week!

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  • Brolly Styling Verdict: A Black Umbrella is Best

    If you were scrambling around trying to find an umbrella this morning, you weren’t the only one. A quick tally around the office and you’ll hear that most people struggle to locate a good, chic umbrella to grab before they leave for work on a rainy day. This begs the question if you were to be prepared, which would be the most stylish choice? A black umbrella? A patterned umbrella? A clear domed umbrella?

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