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  • Best Mens Walking Umbrellas for Autumn/Winter 2020

    Today feels like the first day of Autumn. Just a couple of days ago we had sun and warmth but it's all gone and everyone panic buys umbrellas due to the rainy weather. So we come to you with a guide to gents long umbrellas ( see ladies guide here). We sell a few gems that deserve to be highlighted!

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  • 5 Best Ladies Umbrellas for Autumn/ Winter 2020

    Another year, another rainy season! If you still haven't bought a reliable ladies umbrella, do it this season and choose one of our most stylish women's brollies. As women we have the privilege to have a wide selection of lovely umbrellas, it seems that men usually get black options. Still, a gents style umbrella can be a chic women's accessory. See below our choice of bestselling ladies umbrellas and ones that we think should be selling a lot more than they do!

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  • Best Branded Pub Garden Parasols

    If you don't live in the UK and you ever been here in summer, you know that pub gardens are the number one place to go when it's hot outside. Pub and the beach if you are lucky to live near one - we are based in Bournemouth so we are very lucky! 

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  • Autumn/ Winter 2019 Gents Street Wear Trends

    Have you ever tried to look up gents fashion trends? The first articles that will pop up are usually runway trends and they’re... interesting, to say the least. We appreciate designers creativity but can’t imagine many day to day men we meet wearing most of the outfits. Dramatic shoulders, skirts and very sheer fabrics to name a few. These trends are maybe most suitable for fashion editorials and celebrities but for the rest of the men, street wear trends are much more relatable.

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  • Autumn/Winter 2019 Ladies Umbrellas Trends

    Beginning of September marks the start of Autumn/Winter season in fashion and high street stores. Even though we still want to enjoy the warm weather, many women already have their eye on the latest autumn trends and potential wardrobe additions. We sort of missed coats and warm knit jumpers!

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  • We’re Helping You Find The Best Womens Umbrella!

    We’re firm believers that finding the best women’s umbrella shouldn’t come down to style but to function instead! Staying dry in the Great British summer comes down to finding a product that is great quality and can stand up to whatever the weather has to throw at us. Once you’ve hit these specifications, THEN we can start looking at patterns and style!

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  • Men’s Umbrellas to Brave The Rain in Style

    Regardless of what your typical day to day commute looks like- be it a long walk or just stepping out to hop in a taxi- having a reliable umbrella you can fall back on is pretty much a necessity in the UK. The heavens can open at any time, so having a sensible, strong umbrella you can pop in your bag could help save your suits or shoes more often than you think!

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  • Wedding Guest Dress Colours & Matching Umbrella

    If you thought bridesmaid dresses were hard… guest dresses are even harder! At least as a bridesmaid your outfit is usually chosen for you... Wedding season is here and if you’re anything like us you will be juggling your invitations trying to figure out how many of your dresses are wedding appropriate and where to start when buying the rest! Some colours -white, ivory, black- are obviously a no go but we’re here to help with some of this season’s most popular choices. As we’re pretty hot on accessories and the Great British weather can be pretty unpredictable we’ve also pulled together some cheery umbrella options to help you complete the look. Read More

  • Carry a Gents Umbrella - Prove Chivalry isn’t Dead…

    “What a Gent” is not a phrase that gets heard enough these days. The true gentleman is a dying breed. Of course most men are super polite when it comes to impressing a date, but really being gentlemanly should be a way of life. So in aid of bringing back ‘The Gentleman’ in full force here’s some best practices when it comes not just to dates, but female friends and coworkers alike.

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  • The Best Cheap Umbrella and Stylish Wellies Combos

    Don't let a little precipitation get in the way of your personal style. With many rainy days ahead, why not make your weather-friendly accessories such as cheap umbrella and wellies as fashionable as your winter outfits?

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