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Kids Umbrellas

  • How To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer

    It’s that time of year again and the summer holidays seem to roll round quicker each year. 6 weeks of trying keep your kids amused which can be daunting for any parent especially when activities cost so much. To help you out we have come up with some ideas to keep everyone in the family happy without having to spend a fortune.

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  • Iconic New 'Umbrella Art’ Installation Approved For Liverpool City Centre

    A giant splash of umbrella-based colour is coming to Liverpool this summer as plans for a new art display involving 200 brightly coloured umbrellas has been given the go-ahead.

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  • 6 Reasons Why Your Children Need to Play Outdoors, No Matter the Weather

    So many children now spend hours glued to screens, whether it is a phone, computer or television. The days of parents telling their children that their eyes will go square if they watch it too much are long gone, with many parents themselves spending up to seven hours a day on average in front of a screen.

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  • Get the kids outside on a rainy day

    We always hope that when the school holidays hit us, there isn’t even a grey cloud in sight. But with the unpredictable British weather, there is never a guarantee of clear blue skies and sun that will get the kids playing outdoors. As such, we always need a back-up for some indoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

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  • Best umbrellas for kids

    It is well known that children continually change their interests and want all the toys and accessories to match their new passion. Here at JollyBrolly we want to help nurture their imagination and creativity, which is why we proudly sell a fantastic range of bright and fun umbrellas that are desirable for even the coolest kids. With our range of kids umbrellas the fight to get your children to put on their waterproof shoes, coats and bring their umbrella will be a distant memory – they will be wanting to use their new, funky accessory even when it’s sunny! Read More

  • Great ideas for a memorable Easter, for your children.

    For adults, the Easter break signals the end of winter. For children, it’s a time that they get to spend with their family, celebrating Easter and eating lots of chocolate!

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  • Fantastic activities to keep your children busy when it's raining

    As we start to shake off the winter blues and begin to look forward to the days getting longer and warmer, we all begin to want to be doing a little more, whether its outside or in. We thought we would give you some inspiration of what to do with your children when the weather isn’t so nice.

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  • Fun outdoor activities to do with kids in spring

    The weather is finally warming up, and we are more likely to see blue skies when we draw the curtains back in the morning. This makes it the perfect time to head outdoors with the kids for lots of fun spring time activities.

    The best activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, and require very little planning and cost very little to do.

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  • Don’t let rain get in the way of your day with Jollybrolly umbrellas

    At Jollybrolly, we pride ourselves on offering high quality and cheap umbrellas for every occasion. Whether you need personalised umbrellas for a corporate event, cheap golf umbrellas for your next tournament or just some fun kids umbrella to prepare you for rainy day activities, Jollybrolly is here to help.

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  • Fun outdoor activities for kids in the spring

    At the winter blues fade away and the weather gets warmer, kids are wanting to be outside more, so why not plan some spring time activities you and your kids can do together, come rain or shine? There are simple activities to do which can easily make the most of springtime.

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