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  • Kidorable Kids Umbrellas are Back for Good!

    Kidorable Kids Umbrellas have long been one of our most popular ranges. They’re colourful and 3D which make them incredible for kids and their parents. School runs and adventures become even more fun with these lovely childrens umbrellas

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  • Back to school kids umbrellas

    Kids going back to school when we’re still not over with the pandemic is a controversial subject. We’re not going to share our opinions or report on this, instead we’ll focus on kids umbrellas that can be used for school runs as well as regular park adventures. A good kids umbrella will always find its use, even if it's just for playing games!

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  • 5 Kids Umbrellas summer games

    Have you run out of activities you can do with your kids during the lockdown? It seems that during the lockdown, the parents have the toughest time working and entertaining their kids. To help, we’ve done some creative thinking and came up with 3 indoor games you can play using kids umbrellas. If your kids don't have umbrellas, see our selection here.

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  • Rainy Day Activities for Energetic Kids

    Don’t you love staying in when it rains outside? It’s lovely to cosy up indoors with blankets, snacks and good TV. Sounds like a great time if you’re a grown up but if you’re an energetic child you may want to go out and let out your energy in the rain. As long as your child has a kids umbrella or a raincoat on and a pair of boots, there should not be a reason to not let them play outside. Here’s some ideas of activities highly energetic children might enjoy playing in the rain.

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  • Top 6 Autumn Family Activities

    Autumn is a great time for family fun. Its cosy and colourful - perfect for walks and crafts. Even though it does get dark earlier, you can use this time to create art projects with your kids and during the weekend take a walk in nature. A National Park walk will be relaxing while keeping your family active. Even if it rains, you can grab some children's umbrellas and wellies and jump into puddles.

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  • How to Shop for Children Umbrellas

    Shopping for childrens umbrellas sounds fun but in reality is not as easy as you may think. First thing to remember when shopping for childrens umbrellas is that their main job is to protect your child from weather conditions such as rain, snow or heat. Secondly with all the colourful choices you have, its important to choose an umbrella your child will like and enjoy using. That’s the fun part!

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  • Half term, kids and rainy weather

    There’s nothing more challenging than having a full of energy child at home during half term, especially when it rains outside. As a good parent you don’t want to leave the child to be mindlessly watching shows on their tablet for the whole time. But also our adult life is so overwhelming that usually we really struggle to live in a moment and enjoy playing with the kids. To help you, we came up with few de-stressing for the parents  and stimulating for the kids ideas.

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  • Why teaching kids golf is the best idea

    Getting your kids to play golf is truly the best idea, like any other sport, it comes with variety of benefits that will be useful to them in present and future life. These days kids favourite way to spend their free time is on their phones and iPads. Parents proudly show off their offsprings skills on tech devices and sure - it will be useful in the future but it’s almost a given these day, everyone under age 25 knows how to use computer. What seems to be more rare these days are social skills and active lifestyle. Golf is one of sports that’s niche and maybe more interesting than football but still teaches your kids values important for their future life.

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  • Should kids play in the rain?

    For some people the idea of kids playing in the rain sounds just wrong, they usually worry that their little one will catch a cold but the truth is with a healthy diet and exercise routine, your child’s immune system is strong enough to protect against any weather woes. If your kid likes being in the water, then playing outside in the rain is definitely for him or her. Not only can it be a great source of exercise, but it’s also a great way to de-stress and have some fun!

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  • Fun Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Animals

    How do kids know the difference between a monkey and a pony? Does your boy know what a sheep is? Does your girl know the sounds a lion makes? Introducing kids to animals can be fun if you know how to get them interested.

    Here are few ideas to help your little boy or girl love animals:

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