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  • How To Survive The Summer Holidays

    It’s that time again. Summer holidays are upon us, and for parents, all around the country, that means it’s time to brace yourselves, stock up on a few kid-friendly essentials put on your imagination hat, and smile widely!

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  • Where To Start When Wanting To Take Up Golf

    Do you want to take up golf? Great! In the beginning, many would-be golfers can feel quite intimidated. Newcomers to any sport can feel as if they’re going to be told off for wearing the wrong clothes, breaking the club rules, look stupid, or just get in everyone’s way. This is possibly truer of golf because of its prestigious reputation. But never fear, we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

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  • What's Better At The Beach: Sunscreen or A Beach Umbrella

    Will you be heading down to the beach this summer? If so then you may be tempted to seek some kind of shade when the sun gets that little bit too hot. You may turn to the use of a beach umbrella and just forget the sunscreen, however, a new study says that shade from a beach umbrella provides far less effective sun protection than a high SPF sunscreen.

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  • 8 Types Of People Who Will Love Our Umbrellas

    Here at JollyBrolly, we can cater to any person who is in need of an umbrella. Don’t believe us… Here’s how.

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  • The Strangest Weather The World Has Seen

    The British like to talk about the weather, but generally, that conversation only ranges between superficial comments about whether it’s ‘turned out nice today,’ and whether we’re likely to have a dry bank holiday weekend. Next time someone gets you involved in a weather conversation, we’d like to make sure you’re armed with something rather more interesting to talk about. Try one of the following talking points for starters.

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  • Rainy Days Are The Best And Here's Why

    Do you love a rainy day? We do. It may sound counter-intuitive, but there are good reasons why rain can make a day all the more fun and active when sunshine could just make you give up and lie down in a heap. Rain is great for the plants, refreshing for the air, and can be truly invigorating. Let’s look at some rainy day reasons why you could be feeling upbeat about the next downpour.

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  • Heading On A Golf Getaway This Summer? Here Are Your 10 essentials To Take With You.

    Off for your next golfing break? Lucky you. If you’re still packing, here are the 10 accessories we reckon you’ll want to take with you.

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  • How To Manage Your Wedding In A Heatwave

    Brides and grooms often wonder what will happen if it rains on their wedding day. But what about if you have the opposite problem? Heatwaves are becoming increasingly frequent in recent years, and if you have your wedding day during the height of the summer months, it’s entirely likely it’s going to be a scorcher. How will you cope if the sun gets full on, and you find you’re getting married on the hottest day of the year? Here are some heatwave tips for your wedding day.

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  • Raincoat vs. Umbrella: Which Is Worth Buying

    So, you’re off on holiday, you’re in the UK, and so you know it’s going to rain. Are you going to invest in an umbrella, or are you better off with a raincoat? That’s the question you’ve been asking yourself, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’re here with the answer.

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  • Win A Pack Of JollyBrolly Branded Umbrellas

    Fancy your chance to win some umbrellas? Well here is your opportunity...

    We are giving away a pack of our branded umbrellas.

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