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  • How To Choose Your Fashionable Umbrella

    As the summer begins to fade and everyone's looking forward to carefree autumnal afternoons, laughing and kicking leaves in the honey and vanilla scented golden air like they do in hair commercials (or alternatively just nipping off down to Tesco for a cheap bottle of bubbly for a quiet DVD night in when it's chucking it down outside), it’s time to check you have the umbrella that suits your style. We can help.

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  • Essentials For Your School Bag

    When its back to school time, one thing every child is looking forward to is their new school bag.

    It becomes the treat that helps them look forward to getting back into the classroom, and it’s the way you get to ensure they have everything they need for their studies. So lets think about the basics they’ll need to have with them.

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  • Top 10 Golf Courses In The UK

    The UK is home to a spectacular collection of golf courses and despite the sometimes troublesome weather from time to time, it remains one of the best golf break destinations in the world.

    The UK has golf courses of all shapes and sizes and no matter what your taste you are sure to find a course you will love. Here is a quick guide to our top ten courses the UK has to offer.

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  • Could Ladybird Wings Change The Style Of Umbrellas?

    Scientists believe that ladybirds could hold the key to a transformation of umbrella and their style, making it possible to design a stylish umbrella that does not turn inside out on a blustery day.

    Think of the last time you saw a ladybird. In a flash, they can choose to open their wings and fly away - but how do they pack such intricate, complex wings away under their small outer carapace?

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  • Find The Perfect Men's Umbrella For You

    Chances are you’ll have shouted at a cheap mens umbrella as it turns inside out in a gentle breeze, leaving you vulnerable to the elements and totally umbrella-less. Problem is, what makes a good umbrella and how do you choose the right one for you?

    First things first, as a man, you want something that looks stylish but also does its job - we think we can all agree that a man's umbrella that doesn’t work is incredibly frustrating.

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  • Our Guide On How To Choose The Right Golf Umbrella

    If you’re a keen golfer and get out on the course most weekends, you’ll know that the typical British weather can throw up some pretty changeable conditions.

    To be prepared for this, you’ll need a sturdy and reliable golf umbrella to protect you from the elements - but how do you choose the right golf umbrella for you and your requirements? Jolly Brolly have the answers!

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  • The Top 10 Wettest Places On Earth

    Are you off to the Bahamas for your holidays this year, or have you chosen a staycation? We’re so used to wet weather here in the UK, it’s funny to think that other parts of the world might be used to downpours too.

    For example, Australia. Did you ever imagine that Sydney might be a place where you’d need an umbrella? In the news recently have been a few impressive Aussie showers, but it’s not exactly one of the wettest places on earth. Here are some of those.

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  • Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

    If you’re a man, you might not have warmed to the words ‘fashion accessories’ in the past, but it could be time to think again.

    It’s not just the girls who can enjoy the freedom to express themselves through clothes and appearance. You might well find that the right accessory enhances your outlook as well as having a functional use.

    Not convinced? Read on.

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  • How To Make Your Events Stand Out

    Do you have a big event coming up that you have to plan or publicise?

    It can be tricky to find ways to make a splash when there are so many marketing messages in the air, and everyone’s screen is designed to catch attention.

    Here are just a few ways to help bring your event to the focus of people’s minds.

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  • Tips For Looking Fashionable On A Budget

    Everyone wants to look fashionable, but with economics and budgeting it can be tricky to compete with ups and downs of contemporary styles and fashions.

    Here are some basic guidelines for ensuring that you always look your best and stay fashionable without spending the earth and sticking to your budget.

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