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  • Top UK Golf Courses In The UK - East Midlands

    Welcome back to our trip around the UK in the search for the best golf courses this country has to offer and this month we are putting our focus on the East Midlands.

    The East Midlands is home to more than 4.5 million people, however, despite the fact that the region is really easily accessible from London, it’s really not on the mainstream tourist trail like the South West is. But this doesn't stop us golfers from travelling to have a play on at least on these golf courses.

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  • Poppy Umbrellas Installed For This Years Centenary Remembrance Day.

    Here at Jollybrolly you know we are big fans of art that feature umbrellas. However, we loved seeing that an eye-catching art installation has been created in Halifax as part of the town’s activities leading up to this year’s centenary Remembrance Day on November 11.

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  • Update Your Wardrobe This Autumn

    October is in full swing! But while some of us are still mourning the loss of the summer for another year, many are celebrating the shopping opportunities that the new seasons bring with it.

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  • October Half Term Activities For The Whole Family

    For school kids throughout the UK, October half term is here. It may only seem they have just gone back to school from the summer break but we all know how quick those terms go.

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  • Top Golf Courses Of The UK - East Anglia

    The third instalment of us travelling around the UK to find the best golf courses is here. This month it’s all about the East of England. If you have missed our previous editions, so far we have covered:

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  • Top Tips For Staying Cool While Playing Golf In A Heatwave

    When the weather is unbearably hot, some golfers might decide to take the solar equivalent of a rain check. After all, who can truly concentrate on their game while they’re roasting in the summer heat? If you’re a serious golfer though, you’ll want to keep your hand in even in those warmer months. So how do you keep your cool on the course? Here are some great ideas.

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  • Want To Improve Your Golf Game? Check Out These Top 3 Tips

    New golfers getting into the swing of the game soon realise there’s a lot to learn. But if you’ve been playing golf for a few years now, you’ll have a good idea of your own progress and the ways in which your play needs to improve. Practice makes perfect, and getting out on the course is always going to be the key to taking your golf skills to the next level, whatever your experience or talent. But if you’re wondering how to give yourself an edge, here are some suggestions you should try.

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  • How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

    They say you’re either a cat person or a dog person. You’ll need a whole other blog post if you are wondering how to involve your cat in your wedding, but for this piece at least, we’ll focus on weddings for dog lovers. Your best four-footed friend can be part of your big day if you take a few necessary precautions, make some good decisions for their welfare, and offset the most likely problems. Here are some examples of how to include your dog in your big day.

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  • Best Golf Courses In The UK (South West)

    Here at Jollybrolly, we are big golf fans, and we want to cater to fellow golfing addicts by starting a new series of the best golf courses in each part of the UK. First up, we are going to the south-west to start our journey. So, let’s see what this part of the country has to offer.

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  • How To Entertain Your Kids This Summer Holiday?

    Knowing just how to keep children amused for 6 weeks through the summer holidays can be a daunting prospect, especially when a lot of attractions and activities cost quite a lot of money. In order to try and help you out this summer, here are some top tips to (hopefully) help take some of the stress out of it, and keep everyone happy without needing to spend a small fortune.

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