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  • How to master your golf skills in the rain?

    This years summer spoils us with great sunny weather but there’s still an odd day when it rains. Don’t let that stop you from practicing your game! Especially since it’s Britain and you need to know how to play in bad weather conditions if you want to play at all. So get your golf clubs, cheap golf umbrella and enjoy a day at a (wet) golf course! 

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  • 6 Ways to Decorate with Cheap Umbrellas

    As a cheap umbrella seller, we’re always curious what our customers are planning to do with our bulk umbrellas. Sometimes they’re used in a regular way as a rain protection but sometimes they’re a part of a bigger project. Umbrella street installations have been popular for last couple of years and we’re always excited to see our cheap umbrellas hang up in the sky. See below other things that you can create with cheap umbrellas:

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  • Planning for a Heatwave Wedding

    If you ask a bride what’s the worst weather that can happen on her wedding day, the usual answer you’ll get is rain. Everyone wishes for a sunny day and warm temperature but what if you get too much of the good thing? What if your wedding happens during a heatwave? High temperatures and lack of shade can be as inconvenient as rain and means you might want to use your rain plan B to help your guests find comfort in the sun.

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  • How to Plan an Outdoor Event in Summer

    It’s summer and planning an outdoor event is tempting to say the least. In some situations expected! We all love a BBQ focused event and a beer garden party as well as food and music festivals, which are a cultural staples here in the UK. But what are the steps you should take to ensure your outdoor event is successful and not stopped in its tracks by the uncertain British weather? 

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  • 6 Ways to Use Umbrellas as Wedding Decorations

    Here’s an up and coming trend in outdoor wedding reception decor- hanging umbrellas. Umbrellas don’t just have to keep you dry, they are a great way to decorate an outdoor space as well. Typically lightweight, they can be hung from or attached to almost anything and it’s an easy way to instantly transform your space. Still not sure? Check out some of our suggestions below:

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  • 5 Tips To Weather-Proof Your Wedding

    Everyone that ever got married and was planning a wedding knows this feeling - checking for weather days before the event. You worry and you really shouldn’t! With good preparation every weather has its advantages. See below how to prepare for rain, snow and heat.

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  • The Famous Umbrellas of Thessaloniki

    Most of us - umbrella lovers or not, have seen the famous 13m-high, stainless steel sculpture titled "Umbrellas" on the waterfront in Thessaloniki, Greece. Instagram is full of beautifully taken photos of the umbrellas in  different stages of sunset or sunrise or pink for breast cancer awareness month (#thessalonikiumbrellas). They’re actually one of the most photographed sculptures around the world. You may think it’s a new installation but it has been an integral part of the waterfront in Thessaloniki, Greece, for more than 20 years.

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  • What to Look for When Choosing a Travel Umbrella

    Imagine you’ve just headed out on your long weekend of exploring Paris or stepped out to do the iconic walk across Brooklyn bridge when suddenly the sky greys over and the heavens open. If you’re not careful you could be soaked through to the bone in under a minute and that’s no way to start what’s meant to be an exciting travel day!

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  • Golf Outfits That Help You Play Your Best

    Ladies, do you have that lucky outfit that for some reason you just tend to play golf well in?      I’ll bet we all do.Typically when you are feeling good in all aspects of your life, you’ll score better than if you’re not feeling your best. And having all your accessories together- such as sun shading hats and a windproof ladies golf umbrella - doesn’t hurt either!

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  • 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Golfer Should Own

    ‘Golf is a rich sport’- it’s a popular statement and they’re not wrong. However, you don’t need an excessive amount of equipment to play it right. Only few pieces such as clubs, a windproof golf umbrella and a bag are essential to a successful golf experience.

    What exactly do you need to look for to complete your set?

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