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  • How To Find Your Ideal Wedding Style When Planning

    It's your wedding we’re talking about. This is your one day to do things your way. So let’s put other considerations to one side, and begin by letting yourself daydream about all the key moments and aspects you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t worry what your parents want. Forget what the latest trends are. Don’t even start by thinking of your budget because if you fixate on that from the beginning, you might compromise and make it all about what the cheapest shops are stocking, rather than the colours and textures and themes and images that you're passionate about and can recreate in less expensive ways.

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  • Want To Keep Wedding Flowers Fresh All Day? Here's How!

    Fresh flowers are beautiful to look at and so important for the wedding photos. It’s not just the photos of course. The guests on the day will really notice if your floral arrangements are just past their prime. So how can you do your best to make sure your wedding flowers keep their beauty long enough for you to get through your big day with floral perfection? Here are some tips.

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  • How To Beat The Top Wedding Fears Couples Go Through

    Everyone is a little bit nervous when it comes to their wedding day. It’s only natural that you should have a few things on your mind. After all, you want it to go right and you only have one shot at that. Don't worry, we're here to help. Let's mention a few things up front, put them on the table, and then help dispel any nerves. See if we mention your top wedding fear.

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  • What To Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer Before The Big Day

    In the whole exciting and creative world of wedding planning, where questions of dresses and cakes and receptions and honeymoons are being discussed all the time, we actually may have a list here of some essential things you almost overlooked!


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  • Our favourite things about spring!

    It is incredible what a little sunshine can do to us, the plants and animals. Spring is a time for fresh, new beginnings. As we move through the April showers and look forward to the May flowers, we welcome everything that the new season will bring.  Here are some of our favourite things about spring.


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  • Simple ideas for a stunning spring garden

    Now the weather is getting warmer, and the skies are less cloudy, it is the perfect time to get into the garden to spruce it up for when spring finally arrives. This means planting some flowers and veg, and a general cleaning of the garden. With a lovely garden, full of blooming flowers and organic plants you can eat fresh, and you will feel more inclined to spend time in the garden during the coming months, come rain or shine. Be sure to stock up on cheap umbrellas to keep by your back door for when you need to pop out into the garden and stay dry – and these can also double up as a parasol during the summer!

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  • Fun outdoor activities to do with kids in spring

    The weather is finally warming up, and we are more likely to see blue skies when we draw the curtains back in the morning. This makes it the perfect time to head outdoors with the kids for lots of fun spring time activities.

    The best activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, and require very little planning and cost very little to do.

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  • Decorating for your garden wedding

    If you’re the kind of couple who loves the outdoors, then think seriously about an outdoor setting for your wedding reception. There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside on a beautiful day when you’d really love to be in the fresh air, making the most of the sunshine.

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  • Don’t let rain get in the way of your day with Jollybrolly umbrellas

    At Jollybrolly, we pride ourselves on offering high quality and cheap umbrellas for every occasion. Whether you need personalised umbrellas for a corporate event, cheap golf umbrellas for your next tournament or just some fun kids umbrella to prepare you for rainy day activities, Jollybrolly is here to help.

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  • Checklist to prepare for a rainy wedding

    Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most important days of your life and of course you want it to be perfect. If you have a spring wedding planned, you might have to face the fact there is a guarantee rain will appear on the day, and if you don’t have everything in place, here is a checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared for any eventuality!

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