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  • The Best Umbrellas Around According To Travel Experts

    If you’re travelling, you still want to look good, and it can be even more important to stay dry. So we’ve taken a look at the recommendations of people who know about these things - the experts in travel who expect the best in their wet weather gear when visiting other places.

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  • Family Day Out Hacks Ready For Spring

    Just imagine how many hours you spend in a car, travelling to different attractions for the kids or visiting family and friends. We are pretty sure you have had your fair share of amazing days out with your family but also some pretty disastrous ones due to poor planning and also not being adequately equipped. However, we would like to think we have all learnt from our mistakes with this one. So here are some top family days out hacks that ensures you pack like a pro for future road trips this spring.

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  • Jolly Brolly Helps Win Fancy Dress Competition

    Here at Jolly Brolly, we love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories about what our umbrellas get up to after they leave Jolly Brolly HQ!

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  • Our Winter Checklist! Everything You Need To Stay Warm This Winter

    Winter is well and truly here, the fact you can see your breath as soon as you step outside is a firm indication that the cold season has arrived. Read More

  • How To Still Play And Enjoy Golf In The Winter

    Wet weather golfers don’t need to give up their sport during the winter months. There are so many ways you can continue to practice your shots and enjoy the sport even if the rain is falling. Here are just a few ideas for golf in winter.

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  • 2018 Wedding Trends To Look Out For

    Weddings are big business and there will always be upcoming trends that the latest weddings will want to follow. Read More

  • Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

    The temperatures are definitely dropping and for you, the wedding bells have started ringing. Weddings are no longer just a spring and summer affair. Read More

  • How To Stay Safe In A Thunderstorm On The Golf Course

    It’s fair to say that playing golf in a thunderstorm is fraught with danger - just ask American professional golfer Lee Trevino, who was struck by lightning back in 1975 during the Western Open. Read More

  • Could The Design Of The Umbrella Be About To Change?

    Umbrellas have been around for thousands of years, but it’s fair to say that the design has stayed the same - could this be about to change?

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  • How To Stay Stylish In The Wet And Windy Weather

    Even when it's raining, you still want to look your best, especially if you’re off to a wedding, graduation or other formal occasion where you’re meeting people and wanting to make a good impression.

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