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  • Good News For Any Drone Lovers, There’s Now A Hands-Free Umbrella

    Just when you thought there was nothing left to invent in the umbrella world, then along comes drone technology. You know drones? They’re the tiny remote-controlled helicopters that are often used these days to shoot video and photographs in hard to reach places, or to deliver packages at speed.

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  • Top Features To Look For When Buying A Golf Umbrella

    A golf umbrella is a common sight while you're on the golf course. Of course, their primary function is to shield players from both the sun and rain, which makes them an important part of a golfers bag. In size, they are larger than the regular rain umbrellas we use day to day. Here is a brief low down of the various features you should consider when shopping for your own gold umbrella.

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  • A Grooms Guide To Their Wedding Day - Part One

    No pressure, but while all the eyes are likely to be on your other half on your wedding day, the groom still has some big responsibilities to get right. That’s why we decided to write you a two-part guide to make sure you’re fully prepared. From rings to speeches, from the bachelor party to the evening do, we’ve got your back.

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  • Is Your Summer Wedding Just Around The Corner, Here Are The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Serve.

    Are you having your wedding in the height of summer? Then you’ll want some imaginative ideas for drinks. Everyone’s going to be thirsty, but not everyone is going to want to 'drink,' so it’s a great idea to come up with a really decent alternative to booze. Here are just a few ideas that will work for weddings in the summer months.

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  • Essential Tips For Entertaining Kids When Its Raining

    Let’s be honest, looking after kids can be great fun on a sunny day when everyone’s in a good mood. You can go to the beach for an ice cream, have a big family barbecue, play games, spend the afternoon at the park. But it starts to clouds over and it starts raining, the holidays can be a different story. Fear not. What you need to survive are a few imaginative ideas.

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  • Get Your Home Ready For The Summer Months

    You’ve probably already noticed the change of season in the air. At last the days are getting brighter and longer, the dull weather of the Christmas season is fading into memory and yes, it’s true. Summer’s coming. With the promise of fantastic holiday weather ahead, this is just the right time for preparing your home so that you can sit back and make the most of it.

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  • The Best Umbrellas Around According To Travel Experts

    If you’re travelling, you still want to look good, and it can be even more important to stay dry. So we’ve taken a look at the recommendations of people who know about these things - the experts in travel who expect the best in their wet weather gear when visiting other places.

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  • Family Day Out Hacks Ready For Spring

    Just imagine how many hours you spend in a car, travelling to different attractions for the kids or visiting family and friends. We are pretty sure you have had your fair share of amazing days out with your family but also some pretty disastrous ones due to poor planning and also not being adequately equipped. However, we would like to think we have all learnt from our mistakes with this one. So here are some top family days out hacks that ensures you pack like a pro for future road trips this spring.

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  • Jolly Brolly Helps Win Fancy Dress Competition

    Here at Jolly Brolly, we love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories about what our umbrellas get up to after they leave Jolly Brolly HQ!

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  • Our Winter Checklist! Everything You Need To Stay Warm This Winter

    Winter is well and truly here, the fact you can see your breath as soon as you step outside is a firm indication that the cold season has arrived. Read More

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