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  • Essential Golf Accessories That Every Golfer Should Own.

    Every golfer loves his or her gadgets and accessories. They’re part of what’s so fun about the game - the chance to invest in those added extras will help you play with style and expertise. If you’re new to golf, looking for some more suggestions for accessories, or if you’re just looking to invest in the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, here are some great ideas to get started.

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  • Why You Should Be Taking Up Golf This Year

    Have you kept to keeping your new year’s resolutions? Every year some people make it their mission to hit the gym. Some decide to keep a journal and be more reflective about life.

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  • How To Still Play And Enjoy Golf In The Winter

    Wet weather golfers don’t need to give up their sport during the winter months. There are so many ways you can continue to practice your shots and enjoy the sport even if the rain is falling. Here are just a few ideas for golf in winter.

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  • How To Stay Safe In A Thunderstorm On The Golf Course

    It’s fair to say that playing golf in a thunderstorm is fraught with danger - just ask American professional golfer Lee Trevino, who was struck by lightning back in 1975 during the Western Open. Read More

  • Christmas Gifts For The Golfer In Your Life

    Christmas is coming and you’re probably already thinking about the kind of presents the golfer in your life will receive on the day. Sometimes its hard to come up with the right suggestions, but if golf is a big theme for the one you're buying for, we’ve got a few ideas that might help.

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  • What Are The Best Golf Courses In London?

    Golf courses all around the world are worth a visit, and some people enjoy doing the rounds just to visit different places, with the great excuse of a game of golf along the way.

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  • Umbrella Etiquette Out On The Golf Course

    Did you ever hear your mother say - be careful with that umbrella or you’ll have somebody’s eye out? That’s not a nice mental image, but she was only saying it because she cared, and basically she was talking about umbrella etiquette.

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  • How To Find The Perfect Umbrella Without Spending A Small Fortune

    Of course, when you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you want the best available that’s at the right price. Who wants one that doesn’t really suit them and doesn’t keep them dry?

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  • What To Wear Out On The Golf Course

    If you’re a seasoned golfer, you already know the rules. If you’re new to the game, you may have heard the rumours, and you might be feeling a little nervous about starting the sport because of it. But don’t let the dress code put you off.

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  • What Are The Best Golf Courses In South England?

    We have previously spoken about what the best golf courses that the UK has to offer but lets face it - we can't all gallivant round the UK every weekend for the best course!

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