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  • 10 Non-Golf Items You Should Have in Your Golf Bag

    If you’re new to playing golf sometimes it may seem overwhelming to know exactly what equipment to get or what to put in your golf bag especially since not all the items you need are golf specific. To save you time, we’ve created a list of all the non-golf specific items you need in your bag at all times.

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  • All About Best Golf Umbrellas

    No matter if you’re a pro or just starting playing golf you must agree with us that the best golf umbrella is a crucial part of golfing equipment. It will protect you and your equipment from the rain and allow you to continue playing no matter the weather. And it’s not only rain, sometimes sun shining in your eyes can cause disturbance. This makes us think how important owning the right golf umbrella is and what makes the best golf umbrella? If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry - we have few tips for you to help you decide.

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  • Why Girls Don't Play Golf?

    When was the last time you heard a girl mentioning her interest in golf? Long time ago or maybe never? Golf is usually portrayed in media as a man’s sport especially upper class older businessmen. For years the sport has struggled to attract young men and women with girls especially struggling to find their place at a golf club.

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  • 6 reasons why you should start playing golf young

    In recent years there seems to be a surge in young people's attendance in sport. Everyone’s at the gym and practicing yoga but what about golf? Is it destined to be a mature people’s sport or can we get young people interested? If you’re one of the young people here’s 6 reasons why golf can be worth your time.

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  • How to Play Golf in the Rain?

    Playing golf in the rain is hard but can be done. With the right accessories and knowledge you can still enjoy a day at the golf course. Just remember the a place can change significantly in the rain and you will need some additional equipment to shelter you from the not so ideal weather conditions:

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  • Golf Outfits That Help You Play Your Best

    Ladies, do you have that lucky outfit that for some reason you just tend to play golf well in?      I’ll bet we all do.Typically when you are feeling good in all aspects of your life, you’ll score better than if you’re not feeling your best. And having all your accessories together- such as sun shading hats and a windproof ladies golf umbrella - doesn’t hurt either!

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  • 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Golfer Should Own

    ‘Golf is a rich sport’- it’s a popular statement and they’re not wrong. However, you don’t need an excessive amount of equipment to play it right. Only few pieces such as clubs, a windproof golf umbrella and a bag are essential to a successful golf experience.

    What exactly do you need to look for to complete your set?

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  • A Windproof Golf Umbrella Has Aversion to Inversion

    When weather fails at the golf course a good windproof golf umbrella is a golfer's best friend. A father-and-son team, Arnold and Steve Asman, invented a golf umbrella that can withstand winds of up to 60 miles an hour.

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  • Why Golf is the New Rock !

    It’s fair to say that golf isn’t normally considered the coolest sport in the world, but when you think about it a life on the fairways is actually pretty rock ‘n roll. Not convinced? Let me tell you why…

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  • Beginners Golf Kit: Clubs, Spikes, Golf Umbrella

    So you’ve decided to pick up golf. If you’re joining the greens later in life and don’t have your dad or uncle letting you tag along with them and setting you up with your first clubs chances are you have quite a bit of kit to get your hands on. By the time you’ve sorted your clubs, your bag to carry them, a glove, some spikes, some balls, some tees, a ball marker, a divet tool, a golf umbrella… (the list can go on) you’ve already invested a fair bit and you haven’t even started playing yet!

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