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  • Best Golf Courses in The UK - North West England

    This time we are putting out focus in England's North West where you will find England's Golf Coast, the finest stretch of links and in the country, which runs from Cheshire Wirral peninsula in the south to the golden beach of Lancashire’s coastline in the north.

    Here are the top golf courses that the North West can offer you.

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  • The Best Golf Courses The UK Has To Offer During The Winter

    We have reached that time of year again when you turn up to play 18 holes and hope you won't be faced with a closed course because of the frost. Some golf courses suffer more than others during the colder months, purely and simply because of the type of land on which they are built on.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Golf Umbrellas

    In the golfing world, the golf umbrella is a valued piece of kit. Without it, even a slightly cloudy day can signal a reason to leave your clubs at home. But armed with one, you can keep playing when the weather turns for the worse.

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  • The 10 Best Golf Courses the World Has to Offer

    If you’re a golf enthusiast who loves to travel, then you’ll want to know what the whole world has to offer in terms of great courses worth a visit. Whether you love the thrill of competition, the chance to hone your skills in a scenic environment, or just the interest of seeing courses you’ve never been to before, here’s a list of possible places to interest you.

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  • Top UK Golf Courses In The UK - East Midlands

    Welcome back to our trip around the UK in the search for the best golf courses this country has to offer and this month we are putting our focus on the East Midlands.

    The East Midlands is home to more than 4.5 million people, however, despite the fact that the region is really easily accessible from London, it’s really not on the mainstream tourist trail like the South West is. But this doesn't stop us golfers from travelling to have a play on at least on these golf courses.

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  • Top Golf Courses Of The UK - East Anglia

    The third instalment of us travelling around the UK to find the best golf courses is here. This month it’s all about the East of England. If you have missed our previous editions, so far we have covered:

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  • Top Tips For Staying Cool While Playing Golf In A Heatwave

    When the weather is unbearably hot, some golfers might decide to take the solar equivalent of a rain check. After all, who can truly concentrate on their game while they’re roasting in the summer heat? If you’re a serious golfer though, you’ll want to keep your hand in even in those warmer months. So how do you keep your cool on the course? Here are some great ideas.

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  • Want To Improve Your Golf Game? Check Out These Top 3 Tips

    New golfers getting into the swing of the game soon realise there’s a lot to learn. But if you’ve been playing golf for a few years now, you’ll have a good idea of your own progress and the ways in which your play needs to improve. Practice makes perfect, and getting out on the course is always going to be the key to taking your golf skills to the next level, whatever your experience or talent. But if you’re wondering how to give yourself an edge, here are some suggestions you should try.

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  • Best Golf Courses In The UK (South East)

    Welcome back to our trip around the UK, picking out the best golf courses this wonderful country has to offer. Last month we focused on the South West which you can read here. This month we are heading to the South East, so let's see just what it has to offer.

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  • Where To Start When Wanting To Take Up Golf

    Do you want to take up golf? Great! In the beginning, many would-be golfers can feel quite intimidated. Newcomers to any sport can feel as if they’re going to be told off for wearing the wrong clothes, breaking the club rules, look stupid, or just get in everyone’s way. This is possibly truer of golf because of its prestigious reputation. But never fear, we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

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