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  • Ordering Your Wedding Cake? Here‘s Some Top Tips To Help You Out!

    Planning a wedding is known to be a very stressful job! It includes a lot of serious conversations and numbers to work out. However there some tasks which are a little more fun than others, the main one, for example, testing and purchasing the cake of your dreams.

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  • The Ultimate Summer Festival Survival Guide!

    The festival season has arrived!

    Time to pack up your tents, collect your wristbands and put on your wellies. If you're new to the festival season not to worry, we are here to help you sort everything you need with our survival guide.

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  • Get the kids outside on a rainy day

    We always hope that when the school holidays hit us, there isn’t even a grey cloud in sight. But with the unpredictable British weather, there is never a guarantee of clear blue skies and sun that will get the kids playing outdoors. As such, we always need a back-up for some indoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

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  • Best umbrellas for kids

    It is well known that children continually change their interests and want all the toys and accessories to match their new passion. Here at JollyBrolly we want to help nurture their imagination and creativity, which is why we proudly sell a fantastic range of bright and fun umbrellas that are desirable for even the coolest kids. With our range of kids umbrellas the fight to get your children to put on their waterproof shoes, coats and bring their umbrella will be a distant memory – they will be wanting to use their new, funky accessory even when it’s sunny! Read More

  • Our favourite things about spring!

    It is incredible what a little sunshine can do to us, the plants and animals. Spring is a time for fresh, new beginnings. As we move through the April showers and look forward to the May flowers, we welcome everything that the new season will bring.  Here are some of our favourite things about spring.


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  • Top tips to survive the winter blues

    Ok, so the sky is grey, the clouds don’t seem to have a silver lining at the moment, and it feels like the sun last shone over two years ago. Winter blues are more common than you’d think, and they can make a big difference to your mood for that half of the year.

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  • 8 Songs For A Rainy Day

    Cheer up, keep your chin up and think happy thoughts; it can be easier said than done when the skies are grey and the news feels a bit depressing. But even if you need an umbrella to walk safely outside the door, you can always keep the sun shining on the inside with these rainy day tunes...

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  • Tips on how to choose the best umbrella

    There are a few important things to consider when you are deciding on an umbrella that is right for you. You need to consider the general weather conditions where you live as well as prioritising factors for example such as: compactness, durability and style. Whatever your needs, here are some top tips to help you choose the best umbrella for you!

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  • Things to love about winter

    Winter is definitely a love/hate season. For most people when the days get shorter and the temperature is dropping by the day it's easy to wish for the summer to roll around again as there is nothing to love about being cold and damp. However, the Winter is a season which should be embraced and loved just as much as summer so here are five things that everyone should love about this season.  Read More

  • The best places in the UK to celebrate the New Year

    Whilst many are getting excited for Christmas Day, and we don’t blame them, we are looking forward to celebrating New Year with a bang! If you’re yet to plan what you’re doing to see in the start of the New Year, and feeling a little panicked about what you are going to do, we have decided to look at the best places to book a last-minute trip, where you are guaranteed to have a fantastic celebration:

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