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  • Best UK Holiday Destinations For Both Adults And Kids

    More and more families are opting to holiday at home rather than going abroad. If you and your family are jet-setters and the thought of holidaying in your own country seems like a ludicrous idea then just check out these top destinations all here in the UK.

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  • Get Your Home Ready For The Summer Months

    You’ve probably already noticed the change of season in the air. At last the days are getting brighter and longer, the dull weather of the Christmas season is fading into memory and yes, it’s true. Summer’s coming. With the promise of fantastic holiday weather ahead, this is just the right time for preparing your home so that you can sit back and make the most of it.

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  • These Have To Be The Worlds Coolest Umbrellas

    You think you’ve seen a cool umbrella? Well, wait until you’ve seen some of these. All umbrellas are not the same, and this list is conclusive proof. So hold onto your umbrella handles as we present to you some of the very coolest designs in contemporary rain protection. 

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  • The Do’s And Don’ts To Protect Your Child During Changes In The Weather

    We all want to look after our little ones as they grow and develop. It can be tempting to wrap them in cotton wool and keep them indoors whenever there’s rain, but exposure to the elements is good for development, any time they can spend in the fresh air is going to be conducive to their wellbeing.

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  • Why Umbrellas And Parasols Are The Perfect Addition For Your Wedding Day

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something to keep your perfect hair from getting drowned in a sudden shower. Ok, we added the part about the wedding umbrella, but those are the things all brides hope for on their wedding day, and you’re probably no exception.

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  • The Queen Has A Matching Umbrella For Every Single Outfit!!…Yes, Really!

    Some people collect shoes because they always want to have the right look for special occasions. But when you’re royalty, you need to look the part at all times and be prepared for all weathers.

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  • The Best Umbrellas Around According To Travel Experts

    If you’re travelling, you still want to look good, and it can be even more important to stay dry. So we’ve taken a look at the recommendations of people who know about these things - the experts in travel who expect the best in their wet weather gear when visiting other places.

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  • Are Cheap Umbrellas Really Best?

    When you lose or misplace your umbrella, nobody jumps for joy about buying a new one. Even if you have found one with the cutest design on it, it's still just an umbrella: resolutely practical and non-fun and to be honest something you know you will just end up losing again.

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  • Look Out Ladies, There’s A New Umbrella On The Block

    Are you fed up with leaving your brolly behind? So was the founder of Kisha - the smart umbrella which you can't lose!

    Marija Butkovic came from a town in Croatia that has very rainy and windy winters where umbrellas were always getting lost or broken. It seemed to be a regular occurrence so she decided to make a smart umbrella to ensure she never gets soaked again.

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  • The Story Behind April Showers

    We’ve all grown up with proverbial sayings about April showers. When March is over we all know we need to brace ourselves, umbrellas at the ready. It’s something we tend to take for granted, but how do 'April showers' actually work? How can it be that in one particular month of the year enough rainfall over successive generations has led to sayings and folk psychology that makes April showers a thing? Yes, we wondered that too. So we did a bit of research.

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