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UK Weather

  • How To Choose Your Fashionable Umbrella

    As the summer begins to fade and everyone's looking forward to carefree autumnal afternoons, laughing and kicking leaves in the honey and vanilla scented golden air like they do in hair commercials (or alternatively just nipping off down to Tesco for a cheap bottle of bubbly for a quiet DVD night in when it's chucking it down outside), it’s time to check you have the umbrella that suits your style. We can help.

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  • Heavy Rain Forecast For Your Holiday? Here's What To Do!

    So, you’re packing for your holiday: Costume? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Suncream? Check.

    Then you look up the forecast and discover that torrential rain is due in your paradise destination that week. So much for winter-sun getaways...

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  • Simple Ways To Ease Any Honeymoon Travel Worries

    With your wedding coming up, you know all about budgeting and organising. By the time it gets to your honeymoon you’ll be an event planning pro! But still on the horizon is the first holiday you’re going to get to go on as a married couple, where you'll be hoping to create lifelong memories and moments you’ll treasure.

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  • Time To Update That Autumn Wardrobe

    Autumn days can be incredibly beautiful, with days that are striking with evening sunlight, and chilled mornings where you’ll need your scarf, and perhaps an umbrella too. That autumnal beauty goes for the autumn wardrobe as well.

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  • Dealing With Weather For Your Summer Wedding

    It’s the day of your summer wedding, everyone has gathered, your dress is on point and then the heavens decides to open and starts pouring with rain!

    Even though summer is often the most popular time for a wedding none of them are immune to weather problems. Unfortunately it's not anything you are able to control or predict far in advance either.

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  • Where Should You Go For Your UK Honeymoon?

    Amazingly a honeymoon in the UK is becoming ever more popular for couples who are tying the knot.

    You might be thinking that staying in the UK is an odd idea for your time away to celebrate your new lives together however the UK provides some of the nicest beaches, forests and cities without the hassle of travel, language barriers and needing to find that passport!

    Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect UK destination for you whatever time of year you are choosing to tie the knot.

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  • The Top 10 Wettest Places On Earth

    Are you off to the Bahamas for your holidays this year, or have you chosen a staycation? We’re so used to wet weather here in the UK, it’s funny to think that other parts of the world might be used to downpours too.

    For example, Australia. Did you ever imagine that Sydney might be a place where you’d need an umbrella? In the news recently have been a few impressive Aussie showers, but it’s not exactly one of the wettest places on earth. Here are some of those.

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  • How To Survive Those Rainy Days

    It can feel demoralising when the sky is grey, especially if you’re a sun-lover. But the weather doesn’t have to take a toll on your moods.

    Next time you hear thunder or see the drizzle in the air, why not grab your umbrella and change things around to suit you instead. Here are some ideas.

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  • 10 Different Ways To Use Your Umbrella

    Umbrellas are amazing inventions.

    If you look at their iconic design, it’s a shame to keep them just for sheltering from the rain.

    We’ve been coming about other uses for an umbrella, so can you add to the list?

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  • Could The Ordinary Everyday Umbrella Be Improved?

    Despite the fact that the umbrella has been around for over 3,000 years, there is the feeling among many that its design could be improved upon.

    As most brollies are at the moment, they can easily poke someone in the eye, fly away in the wind or just collapse if conditions are too severe - but is there a way the everyday umbrella could be improved?

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