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Umbrella Art

  • Poppy Umbrellas Installed For This Years Centenary Remembrance Day.

    Here at Jollybrolly you know we are big fans of art that feature umbrellas. However, we loved seeing that an eye-catching art installation has been created in Halifax as part of the town’s activities leading up to this year’s centenary Remembrance Day on November 11.

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  • Umbrellas In The World Of Art

    Here at Jolly brolly, we offer a wide range of designs and colours which are part of our core collection of umbrellas, But how are umbrellas used in art? It turns out quite a lot of umbrella art installations have been popping all over the world.

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  • How To Make Your Very Own Paper Umbrellas

    We like umbrellas so much we tend to be always on the lookout for new ideas for umbrella-themed fun. So, how about this. Ever tried making your own umbrella? Not many people have. But if you’re feeling creative and umbrella manufacture has been a longterm challenge on your bucket list or even just an impressive parlour trick you’d like to teach the kids, here’s your opportunity. All you need is craft paper. Well, and a few other things.

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  • How Using Branded Umbrellas Will Help Market Your Business?

    When you hear branded merch, what's the first thing that comes into your head? Cheap pens, the odd sticker and of course the flimsy notebooks? However, merchandising can be a very valuable means of connecting with your customers and audience, raising awareness of your brand and more importantly hopefully boosting those much-needed sales.

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  • Jolly Brolly Helps Win Fancy Dress Competition

    Here at Jolly Brolly, we love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories about what our umbrellas get up to after they leave Jolly Brolly HQ!

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  • Iconic New 'Umbrella Art’ Installation Approved For Liverpool City Centre

    A giant splash of umbrella-based colour is coming to Liverpool this summer as plans for a new art display involving 200 brightly coloured umbrellas has been given the go-ahead.

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  • Umbrellas That Kids Will Love!

    It is well known that children continually change their interests and want all the toys and accessories to match their new passion. Here at JollyBrolly we want to help nurture their imagination and creativity, which is why we proudly sell a fantastic range of bright and fun umbrellas that are desirable for even the coolest kids. With our range of child's umbrellas, the fight to get your children to put on their waterproof shoes, coats and bring their umbrella will be a distant memory – they will be wanting to use their new, funky accessory even when it’s sunny! Read More

  • 10 alternative uses for an umbrella

    You may have been tricked into thinking that umbrellas only have a single use, to be used only to protect you from the rain. However, you might be surprised to find that umbrellas can actually be used for many other things, some of them may be a little strange, but you might find that they form inspiration for your next creative challenge. Through history they have been used in many different ways, from dance props in Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ dance video, to a shaded canopy art exhibition in Portugal, so why not try your own interesting and alternative uses for an umbrella with these ten creative ideas.

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  • Umbrella flash mob raises awareness of flooded tourist attraction

    We love to see the amazingly creative uses that people have found from umbrellas, and this next story is both heart-warming and beautiful, about how a group of Gustav Holst fans gathered to raise awareness of their favourite tourist attraction, which was flooded previously in the year, armed with some trusty red umbrellas!

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  • Artist creates awesome flying drone umbrella

    It’s hard to escape drones in today’s world from video production companies using them to capture incredible imagery or the proposed new way of delivering products from sites such as Amazon. Now an artist and technologist has created something we haven’t really seen before, dancing drone umbrellas! Read More

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