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  • How to propose with umbrellas?

    There’s so many ways to ask your girlfriend/ boyfriend to marry you. People get creative and we always want to hear how they did it? Doesn't matter if you’re a shy or outgoing couple, there’s always a story even if it's just “it was just at home during breakfast”. There’s no good or bad way to get engaged to the love of your life. Even discussing it beforehand and going together to a shop to pick up the ring is a sign that the relationship values practicality which is sometimes a better sign for the future than big gestures.
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  • When Will the Wedding Season Start in 2021?

    So far year 2021 is a mixed bag of events. We have the vaccine for Covid-19 but we also have more cases then ever and new virus variants. No wonder couples who planned to marry in 2021 and those who postponed their 2020 wedding worry if this year is the year they will finally be able to tie the knot in a big way.

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  • Bestselling Umbrellas of 2020

    2020 was a tricky year for all of us, dramatic events and constant changes resulted in an emotional rollercoaster not only in the UK but it seems all over the world.  We are blessed to have an online umbrella shop that could stay open in the current climate. Umbrellas are not so much a seasonal product and when you need it, you need it. That does not mean we managed to avoid the extremely quiet period.

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  • 8 Umbrella Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

    Carrying an umbrella in the past has been associated with the most elegant of gentlemen and the men were expected to follow a certain set of etiquette rules. These days it seems like etiquette is a thing of the past and everyone wants to follow what they feel is the right set of behaviours. However, it is good sometimes to have a refresh of what used to (and should be still ) considered appropriate behaviour.

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  • Promoting your business with branded merchandise

    Starting a brand in current times is a big step especially for those who opened their business in between lockdowns ( so many!) There’s a big opportunity out there to get customer's attention while we’re all doing our best to get used to the “new normal”. It feels like the world is changing so fast. Seeing big brands collapse makes us more interested in the brave new brands popping up. 

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  • Childrens Umbrellas as Xmas gifts

    Buying gifts for kids is the most fun part of Christmas. There’s so much choice and you wish you could buy everything! Having kids in the family truly makes Christmas special, seeing their excitement reminds us how we felt all those years ago when it was us unpacking presents. 

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  • Rain and Umbrellas on The Crown

    With the release of  season 4 of the Netflix drama “The Crown” , the popularity of British Royal family is once again at its peak. They lead their lives in public and we all know the timeline of events featured in the show yet once again Netflix created an amazing show that’s impossible not to watch it. After kind of slow season 3, this season gives us more drama than ever. Also more rain than ever! Have you noticed how many scenes feature rain and umbrellas? You wouldn't of course, no normal person would but we are cheap umbrellas suppliers after all so we have!

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  • How to choose the best golf umbrella?

    Now that we’re in Autumn and soon in Winter it's more than ever important to own a golf umbrella if you’re a golf player. Many golf players simply use free corporate handout golf umbrellas without even thinking if it's appropriate for their use. When enquiring about branded golf umbrellas, companies do not focus on their use in golf, they want the umbrellas to be large and durable.

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  • Why do Storms Have Names?

    Have you ever wondered why in recent years storms have names? Growing up a storm came and went, some were stronger but I never questioned its origin or awaited its arrival. These days, it seems that some storms are famous and feared way before they reach Great Britain.The rise of social media, in this case, has been very helpful is increasing  social awareness of the danger of storms. 

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  • Introducing: New Golf Umbrellas

    Long term customers of our online store are familiar with our plain golf umbrellas range. We produce them ourselves and they’re available in 16 colours. They have been our bestsellers for a long time and our customers love to use them for branding, hotels, schools and of course weddings. This year however we’ve introduced Impliva umbrellas to our website and they’re a hit!

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