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Umbrella News

  • How To Perfect Your Umbrella Style

    There’s nothing like London Fashion Week to give rise to new trends and themes that will carry through into the wardrobe choices of the clothes-loving public. So perhaps it was a gift from the heavens to the umbrella industry when heavy rain hit the catwalk recently and various fashion reviewers and bloggers had to rush off themselves in search of the latest umbrella styles.

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  • How The Umbrella Has Gone From Just A Practical Essential To A Fashion Accessory

    The umbrella is a thing of beauty, both aesthetically and mechanically. There’s something truly alluring about the shape and engineering of this common household item, so it’s interesting that for so long its been just something we often take for granted.

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  • A Gentleman’s Guide To: Umbrellas

    The very first incarnation of the umbrella was the parasol. It was designed to shade the user from the sun rather than keep the rain off their heads. The parasol dates back to numerous ancient civilisations in which it was employed by slaves and servants in order to shade the heads of kings and other members of the ruling class.

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  • How Using Branded Umbrellas Will Help Market Your Business?

    When you hear branded merch, what's the first thing that comes into your head? Cheap pens, the odd sticker and of course the flimsy notebooks? However, merchandising can be a very valuable means of connecting with your customers and audience, raising awareness of your brand and more importantly hopefully boosting those much-needed sales.

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  • The Most Famous Umbrellas Through History

    You may never before this moment has wondered about the concept of celebrity umbrellas. If we were thinking about fictitious umbrellas, you might have thought about Mary Poppins or the Penguin in the original Batman series. But the iconic brolly has made a key appearance in numerous actual historical events too, and here’s a quick list of examples.

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  • What Does The Future Of Umbrellas Look Like?

    Technology is pretty much-changing everything! Fact. From what we do in our spare time and also how we work, this also means things as traditional as umbrellas are getting makeovers too in order to fit in with the ever-changing technology world we live in.

    Check out these hi-tech umbrella designs might one day just be our reality.

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  • Umbrella Etiquette: 101

    Here in the UK, it rains a lot so umbrella etiquette is quite essential. Holding, closing, carrying and shaking off your brolly is a pure art form. So if you want to avoid poking fellow pedestrians in the eye or showering them in rain this one is for you.


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  • Essential Golf Accessories That Every Golfer Should Own.

    Every golfer loves his or her gadgets and accessories. They’re part of what’s so fun about the game - the chance to invest in those added extras will help you play with style and expertise. If you’re new to golf, looking for some more suggestions for accessories, or if you’re just looking to invest in the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, here are some great ideas to get started.

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  • Why Does Your Umbrella Keep Breaking And What You Can Do About It?

    You know those cheap umbrellas that are always at the side of the road in a storm, or shoved into a bin? Just a quick question - are any of those yours? Just asking because, if you’ve chosen to read this because you’ve often found yourself owning a cheap umbrella that doesn’t last the season, then perhaps it’s about time you got yourself a better taste in rainy day protection. It doesn’t have to be like this. Did you know, there are actually other umbrellas on the market that don’t cost the earth, and could save you from having to reinvest every single time there’s another storm.

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  • How To Use Your Umbrellas Without Causing Havoc

    Umbrellas should make your life less complicated, right? I mean, you ought to be able to get through your day without making life more difficult for the people you meet on the street, especially when the rain is torrential and everyone wants to get home for tea. They don’t make a highway code for umbrella use, but if they did, we think it would have the following guidelines. Umbrellas

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