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Umbrella News

  • When was the umbrella invented?

    The history of the umbrella, in its most basic form, dates back thousands of years; it is one of the oldest known accessories to be used throughout history, it is still used today and most probably will be into the very distant future. The features and designs are simple, effective and have lasted the test of time, which all confirm our love of the humble necessity of the umbrella.

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  • Drone umbrellas are the new way to stay dry

    Drone technology has become very popular in recent years, and it has all sorts of uses, like delivering post or taking your aerial photography at your wedding. Its innovation doesn’t end there, though, as a new umbrella drone could be the way forward to help keep you dry.

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  • Why umbrellas are better than coats

    When winter rolls in we can expect a fair few downpours, which has been clearly evident this year. A question that often springs up in regards to rainy days like this is whether you are better off bracing the rain in a raincoat or opting to keep dry under an umbrella?

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  • New World record set for the largest traditional umbrella dance

    Yesterday, (8th September 2016), saw the creation of a new incredible Guinness world record, for the largest group of people participating in a traditional umbrella dance, with over 2,000 men and women taking part in this momentous occasion!

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  • WATCH: New solar power umbrella prototype can cool you down

    The very latest in umbrella technology has arrived and it is quite incredible, combining several handy tools into one solar powered umbrella to make long journeys in the heat more bearable.

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  • Are dog umbrellas the next big thing?

    You always ensure to leave the house prepared to protect yourself from the any wet weather downpours with your trusty brolly, but what about your poor four-legged friend? - Left to walk along in their soggy coats with no shelter available. This could be an issue of the past with the latest creation of their very own dog umbrellas.

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  • Get high quality umbrellas for any occasion from Jolly Brolly

    As Jolly Brolly we pride ourselves on the high quality and affordable range of umbrellas we have on offer. There are umbrellas for all occasions, from corporate events to weddings, and umbrellas for everyone from kids to golfers.

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  • WATCH: Could this new smart weather stand be the future for weather warnings?

    This incredible creation could help ensure that you are never caught leaving the house unprepared on those rainy days. A combination of RaspberryPi technology with a standard umbrella stand creates an incredible alert system for you as you leave the house, letting you know if you will be needing an umbrella!

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  • Photographer snaps cute pic of frogs huddling a leaf umbrella

    It’s not just humans that use umbrellas to shelter from the rain, as a photographer in Indonesia found after seeing some frogs huddling together under a leaf to stay out of the pouring rain.

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  • Australian Couple have their wedding day washout saved

    When torrential rains caused flooding in Queensland last weekend it spelled disaster for Alyce and Matt Bookless, who were due to get married on the same day that roads were turned to rivers. Read More

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