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Umbrella News

  • Summer Or Winter Wedding? The Pros And Cons

    If you’ve just gotten engaged, chances are you’re thinking of one thing - setting a wedding date. No doubt you’ll want to avoid splashing out on wedding umbrellas if possible, but the Great British weather is just so unpredictable these days!

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  • Love The Rain With A Branded Umbrella!

    In any given year in the UK, almost a third of the days will experience some form of rainfall - the average number is around about 130-140 days of rain per year.

    If you are planning any kind of outdoor event, there’s always going to be an outside chance that there will be rain. With that in mind, why not use the bad weather to your advantage and advertise your business with branded umbrellas?

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  • Golf Umbrella Etiquette In The UK

    In the same confusing way that many of Britain’s drivers stop adhering to the most basic rules on the road when rain starts to fall, it appears that the use of golf umbrellas follows a similar pattern. Golfers are often so focused on their game that they instantly forget about their giant umbrella waving around in your face.

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  • Does The Size Of Your Umbrella Matter?

    The size of your umbrella depends on what you’re looking for. Is this about a quick shopping trip where it may or may not rain? Or are you off to a festival and you picture yourself gathering the crowds underneath it when the clouds open?

    There are pros and cons of the different sizes and styles, but a few simple rules apply.

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  • Dealing With Weather For Your Summer Wedding

    It’s the day of your summer wedding, everyone has gathered, your dress is on point and then the heavens decides to open and starts pouring with rain!

    Even though summer is often the most popular time for a wedding none of them are immune to weather problems. Unfortunately it's not anything you are able to control or predict far in advance either.

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  • Where Should You Go For Your UK Honeymoon?

    Amazingly a honeymoon in the UK is becoming ever more popular for couples who are tying the knot.

    You might be thinking that staying in the UK is an odd idea for your time away to celebrate your new lives together however the UK provides some of the nicest beaches, forests and cities without the hassle of travel, language barriers and needing to find that passport!

    Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect UK destination for you whatever time of year you are choosing to tie the knot.

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  • Planning A Destination Wedding? Here Are 10 Things Nobody Tells You

    Destination wedding planning can be overwhelming for everyone, the couple and also the guests too as it can all seem a tad overwhelming.

    From this article, we hope to bust the myths and let you in on little secrets to make your paradise planning a little more bearable.

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  • Could Ladybird Wings Change The Style Of Umbrellas?

    Scientists believe that ladybirds could hold the key to a transformation of umbrella and their style, making it possible to design a stylish umbrella that does not turn inside out on a blustery day.

    Think of the last time you saw a ladybird. In a flash, they can choose to open their wings and fly away - but how do they pack such intricate, complex wings away under their small outer carapace?

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  • Find The Perfect Men's Umbrella For You

    Chances are you’ll have shouted at a cheap mens umbrella as it turns inside out in a gentle breeze, leaving you vulnerable to the elements and totally umbrella-less. Problem is, what makes a good umbrella and how do you choose the right one for you?

    First things first, as a man, you want something that looks stylish but also does its job - we think we can all agree that a man's umbrella that doesn’t work is incredibly frustrating.

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  • The Top 10 Wettest Places On Earth

    Are you off to the Bahamas for your holidays this year, or have you chosen a staycation? We’re so used to wet weather here in the UK, it’s funny to think that other parts of the world might be used to downpours too.

    For example, Australia. Did you ever imagine that Sydney might be a place where you’d need an umbrella? In the news recently have been a few impressive Aussie showers, but it’s not exactly one of the wettest places on earth. Here are some of those.

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