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  • Summer Wedding Myths We're Busting Right Now!

    If your longterm dream is a summer wedding, you may have in mind a Hollywood location, with beams of sunlight casting romantic shadows on all your guests, as you’re whisked away by the man or woman of your dreams and the chamber orchestra strikes up while the credits roll…. Sounds lovely. But let’s get real for a second, and bust some of the common myths around a summer wedding.

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  • What's Better At The Beach: Sunscreen or A Beach Umbrella

    Will you be heading down to the beach this summer? If so then you may be tempted to seek some kind of shade when the sun gets that little bit too hot. You may turn to the use of a beach umbrella and just forget the sunscreen, however, a new study says that shade from a beach umbrella provides far less effective sun protection than a high SPF sunscreen.

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  • 8 Types Of People Who Will Love Our Umbrellas

    Here at JollyBrolly, we can cater to any person who is in need of an umbrella. Don’t believe us… Here’s how.

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  • Rainy Days Are The Best And Here's Why

    Do you love a rainy day? We do. It may sound counter-intuitive, but there are good reasons why rain can make a day all the more fun and active when sunshine could just make you give up and lie down in a heap. Rain is great for the plants, refreshing for the air, and can be truly invigorating. Let’s look at some rainy day reasons why you could be feeling upbeat about the next downpour.

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  • Raincoat vs. Umbrella: Which Is Worth Buying

    So, you’re off on holiday, you’re in the UK, and so you know it’s going to rain. Are you going to invest in an umbrella, or are you better off with a raincoat? That’s the question you’ve been asking yourself, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’re here with the answer.

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  • Win A Pack Of JollyBrolly Branded Umbrellas

    Fancy your chance to win some umbrellas? Well here is your opportunity...

    We are giving away a pack of our branded umbrellas.

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  • What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Umbrella

    The humble umbrella has been around for thousands of years protecting people from both rain and shine. In fact, the actual word umbrella comes from the Latin word of “umbra” which means shade or shadow. Umbrellas were originally intended to protect people from the sun. Evidence of this actually exists in the ancient art and artefacts of Egypt, Greece, China and Assyria.

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  • Why Your Umbrella Sucks and What To Do About It

    How many times have you had to dig through the very depths of your wardrobe and struggle to find the last surviving umbrella you bought for about a fiver because it started to downpour while you were out and just purchased the first umbrella you could find. We dare not get too attached, for we all know full well that this umbrella won’t last as it too shall break away and be hastily discarded along with the other neglected broken umbrellas you will see in street corner bins.

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  • Top Features To Look For When Buying A Golf Umbrella

    A golf umbrella is a common sight while you're on the golf course. Of course, their primary function is to shield players from both the sun and rain, which makes them an important part of a golfers bag. In size, they are larger than the regular rain umbrellas we use day to day. Here is a brief low down of the various features you should consider when shopping for your own gold umbrella.

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  • The Best Places To Hide From The Rain While In London.

    As the song suggests, the rain in Spain may fall predictably on the plain, but when you’re in London and the seasonal showers start to fall, they fall pretty much everywhere. On a soggy day in London town, it’s hard to dodge the downpours, and you’ll probably want an umbrella with you. If you find yourself in London without one, you’re going to want to know where you can hide, safe and dry, until the storm passes.

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