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  • Best Golf Umbrellas, Best Golf Style

    Your first time on a golf course can be nerve wracking. It is not uncommon to be invited to a game of golf to discuss important business matters and arrangements. In this situation it is crucial to not embarrass yourself in front of your business partners. Best plan of action? Know how to dress on a golf course. And if it rains? Don't ruin your chances of a good deal by arriving on the day without the best golf umbrella you can find.


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  • Cheap Umbrella vs Best Umbrella

    ‘Do Your Research’ … not the most exciting words you’ve ever heard, are they? Especially when the research in question is cheap umbrella related! BUT believe it or not, putting a little bit of thought an effort into choosing the right umbrella can actually make the world of difference. It will be the deciding factor between whether your new brolly goes straight in the bin or whether you can carry it around for a decade and end up gutted when you inevitably leave it in your taxi 10 years from now.


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  • Planning, Venue and Wedding Umbrellas (Part 1)

    Whilst we are by no means wedding experts (we know very little about cakes and seating plans!), over the years we have helped more than our fair share of brides choose their wedding umbrellas.

    We know it’s easy to feel like rain will ruin all of the time you have spent meticulously planning your big day, but we’ve found that a few showers can actually add an element of romance to the occasion.

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  • Not Just Umbrellas: Staying Dry on a Rainy Day

    Although images of Christmas and snow may be popping up everywhere already - winter arriving in the UK usually means one thing: rain, rain and more rain!

    As self-professed boffins of wet weather and umbrellas, here are our 4 quick tips for surviving the ‘Great’ British weather this winter:

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  • Best Golf Courses in The UK - North West England

    This time we are putting out focus in England's North West where you will find England's Golf Coast, the finest stretch of links and in the country, which runs from Cheshire Wirral peninsula in the south to the golden beach of Lancashire’s coastline in the north.

    Here are the top golf courses that the North West can offer you.

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  • Waterproof Your Wedding Day With These Tips 

    Weddings aren’t always about bright sunshine. Living in Britain we know how unpredictable the weather can be, and how you can’t always be sure to pick a date that’s going to be warm and dry. But fear not, there are many ways you can prepare for the worst conditions and ensure your wedding day is waterproof.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Golf Umbrellas

    In the golfing world, the golf umbrella is a valued piece of kit. Without it, even a slightly cloudy day can signal a reason to leave your clubs at home. But armed with one, you can keep playing when the weather turns for the worse.

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  • Don’t Be a Menace - Umbrella Safety Tips 

    It’s time to have a word about umbrella safety. In other words, spare a thought for those around you when you put up your umbrella. Not only are they going to wish they’d been sensible enough to bring their own umbrella, and slightly jealous of how cool you look with yours, they’re also going to be the one who gets a jab from the edge of yours if you’re not careful! Busy streets in the rain can be a dangerous place to be when rogue umbrella users aren’t thinking of others. Let’s solve that problem right here and now.

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  • Top Tips on Buying your Wedding Umbrella

    Getting married outside of the summer months can be a worrying thought if you’re feeling unprepared for the likelihood of rain. You have all these ideas of beautiful clothes and carefree laughter in bright sunlight, and then you realise you might have to walk through your special day in a downpour. This is why many couples decide on having a stock of cheap wedding umbrellas on hand. Guests are grateful, expensive hair-dos are saved, and the wedding photos don’t have to look like a wash out. Here are some tips on saving money with your stock of wedding umbrellas.

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  • The 10 Best Golf Courses the World Has to Offer

    If you’re a golf enthusiast who loves to travel, then you’ll want to know what the whole world has to offer in terms of great courses worth a visit. Whether you love the thrill of competition, the chance to hone your skills in a scenic environment, or just the interest of seeing courses you’ve never been to before, here’s a list of possible places to interest you.

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