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  • How to Plan a Spring Garden Wedding?

    Weddings in the UK are allowed to go ahead from 12th of April however it's only for 15 people. We assume that knowing that bigger weddings are allowed from 17th of May, most couples will hold off until at least that day. Even though weddings are now permitted, there are still rules in place and social distancing remains an important factor in planning a wedding. That’s why garden weddings are more popular than ever.

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  • How to plan for a rainy wedding?

    Every bride has a beautiful sunny day in mind when they visualise their wedding day. Flowers, warm temperature, time outdoors but we do live in the UK and the weather here is more often grey that sunny. You are very lucky to have a sunny day wedding! But rainy day is not always bad. It's not bad at all if you plan for it!

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  • How to Propose with Umbrellas?

    There’s so many ways to ask your girlfriend/ boyfriend to marry you. People get creative and we always want to hear how they did it? Doesn't matter if you’re a shy or outgoing couple, there’s always a story even if it's just “it was just at home during breakfast”. There’s no good or bad way to get engaged to the love of your life. Even discussing it beforehand and going together to a shop to pick up the ring is a sign that the relationship values practicality which is sometimes a better sign for the future than big gestures.
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  • When Will the Wedding Season Start in 2021?

    So far year 2021 is a mixed bag of events. We have the vaccine for Covid-19 but we also have more cases then ever and new virus variants. No wonder couples who planned to marry in 2021 and those who postponed their 2020 wedding worry if this year is the year they will finally be able to tie the knot in a big way.

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  • 5 Best Garden Wedding Accessories

    Getting married in a garden can be so much fun! Especially post lockdown, you can maintain social distancing and still have a great time. Assuming you already found the perfect garden for your event, it's now time to think about accessories. Here is our list of top 5 garden wedding accessories:

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  • How to plan a post lockdown wedding ?

    Planning a wedding is always stressful but this year it seems that all the bridal nightmares all came true with the pandemic and wedding season being practically cancelled. People are still getting married but it’s definitely not as joyous and grand as we are used to. I can imagine going ahead with the wedding this summer feels quite nerve wracking and filled with doubt. It seems that the pandemic wedding rules ( read about them here) make it impossible to have fun at a wedding.

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  • New Guidelines for Weddings in the UK

    After months of lockdown, finally we can take small steps back into normal life. Of course according to the new government guidelines, weddings celebrations are still very much affected.  The official guidelines permit gatherings of up to 30 people and this includes suppliers, the photographer and the officiant. Guests still have to maintain social distancing rules of 2 meters, if that’s not possible, at least 1 meter plus. It's also crucial that the venue has upgraded safety guidelines in place.

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  • Final To-do's Before your Wedding Day

    Planning a wedding is stressful! After months of organising, when your wedding date is a week away, the stress and excitement reach its highest level. So what are the last steps of your wedding preparations? There’s a lot of them but we prepared a list of ones that are often forgotten or left for the last minute. 

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  • How to prepare for rainy wedding?

    Getting married in winter months sounds like a great budget option. Suppliers and venues offer out of season pricing and you can take advantage of holidays. What you can’t escape in winter months is rain. You may be lucky and have lovely crisp weather on your wedding day but there’s a high chance that you will need wedding umbrellas. You would be very irresponsible to not think about a rainy plan B for your wedding. 

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  • Clear Wedding Umbrellas Trend of 2019

    No bride wants rain on their wedding day but if you’re unlucky with the weather clear wedding umbrellas are a trendy, as well as a necessary accessory. The Internet is full of wonderful photos of a wedding party holding clear wedding umbrellas or joyously throwing them into the air. Check out our Pinterest to see them all. We also often post photos of them on our Instagram since they’re so popular and almost all rainy wedding photos feature clear wedding umbrellas these days - it must be a trend!

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