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  • Why you need cheap wedding umbrellas?

    No matter if you’re expecting good or bad weather on your wedding day, umbrellas will add a touch of elegance to your big day. Wedding umbrellas can easily add colour and fun element to the day. As well as decoration they also make a great photo accessory. With so many choices of wedding umbrellas in the UK it’s easy to get overwhelmed but with the right advise you can find a cheap wedding umbrella and enjoy your special day no matter the weather.

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  • How to Decorate a Wedding Ceiling With Umbrellas

    Wedding decorations are a big part of wedding planning. Most brides scour shops for elaborate decoration but there are DIY brides that can turn simple everyday objects like umbrellas into a magical decoration. You can hang umbrellas, have them in variety of colours, add lights to them… all you need in an order of bulk umbrellas and touch of creativity! Step outside the box and personalise your wedding with hanging umbrellas to create a wedding wonderland your guests will always remember. Pinterest is your go to place for wedding umbrella inspiration - see our board here.

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  • Why white is the colour of weddings

    White is the most popular colour theme for modern weddings and white wedding umbrellas are our most often placed order around this time of the year- wedding season. It hard to believe that white has not always been the colour of weddings. The tradition of a white wedding dress has only been started by Queen Victoria in 1840. Before that women usually wore a best dress they own to their wedding and then keep wearing it for special occasions. The colour of wedding dress did not matter as long as it was a formal outfit. Sounds reasonable and practical, doesn’t it?

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  • Wedding Superstition: Rainy Days

    Rain on a wedding day is hardly a part of most brides fantasy. When they’re ready to walk down the aisle, one of the the last things they want to feel is rain over their head. Even though there are plenty of wonderful bridal umbrellas available in the UK, rain on your most special day makes you wonder - is it for good or bad luck?

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  • Your wedding weather tracking

    As your big day is getting closer there seems to be this one worry that you absolutely can’t do anything about: weather. Even if your wedding is not an outdoor one, you will still want a nice sunshine for photos and overall atmosphere.

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  • Things You Forget When Planning a Wedding

    Planning a wedding is overwhelming. In fact it’s one of the most stressful things you will go through in your life right after a death of a loved one and divorce.

    Whoa, right? This means you're forgiven to miss out on few minor aspects of planning your big day. It’s not a big deal to skip few of these bits but remembering them makes a big difference in the overall feeling of the day. That’s where we step in! See a checklist of practical things you should remember about:

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  • The 2019 Wedding Trends You Need To Know

    2018 was a year of royal weddings! Seeing Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry’s weddings gave the world all kinds of inspiration and sparked a bunch of new trends. Trends changing is completely natural cycle, with some things getting overdone and old faithfuls being brought back from the past time and time again. Luckily, wedding umbrellas tend to stay the same and quality simple design will suit any wedding.

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  • Wedding Guest Dress Colours & Matching Umbrella

    If you thought bridesmaid dresses were hard… guest dresses are even harder! At least as a bridesmaid your outfit is usually chosen for you... Wedding season is here and if you’re anything like us you will be juggling your invitations trying to figure out how many of your dresses are wedding appropriate and where to start when buying the rest! Some colours -white, ivory, black- are obviously a no go but we’re here to help with some of this season’s most popular choices. As we’re pretty hot on accessories and the Great British weather can be pretty unpredictable we’ve also pulled together some cheery umbrella options to help you complete the look. Read More

  • What Colour Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

    Yay- you’re getting married! After you’ve got over the initial high of being newly engaged it’s down to the nitty gritty of planning absolutely every tiny detail of your big day. What style dress will you have? Will you serve food? Will you serve cake? Will you provide wedding umbrellas? Will you create a seating plan? The list goes on…

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  • Wedding Umbrella Photo Ideas

    I know no one wants to hear it but they DO SAY that rain on your wedding day is a good sign. So if you and your spouse to be are one of these lucky couples, instead of letting the rain ruin your big day why not think about investing in some umbrellas for your wedding turning the opportunity into a seriously stunning photo shoot.

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