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  • Red Dresses & Bridal Umbrellas

    Here in the UK when we say ‘Wedding Dress’ the first things that springs to mind is a flowing white princess gown. But this isn’t the case around the world. Some cultures would immediately think bright red, some might think of accessories like a bridal umbrella, and some might not even think of a dress at all! Read on to find out what wedding dresses look like across the world!

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  • Guests and Wedding Umbrellas (Part 2)

    Welcome to part 2 of our ‘Wedding Umbrellas ’ series. Not the cheeriest of things to think about but we’ve got the knowledge and we always fall under the ‘luck favours to prepare’ camp when it comes to bad weather on your wedding day.

    We’ve already talked all things ‘Planning and Venue’ here. Be sure to stay tuned for part 3 coming soon, but for now here’s everything to consider when it comes to prepping your guests for rain on the big day:

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  • Magical White Wedding Umbrella Lights

    Let’s talk wedding lighting. Lighting is one of the best ways to set the tone for your big day and whether you’re indoors or outdoors there are plenty of ways to use it to your advantage.

    There’s a lot of ways you can incorporate fairy lights into your decor and surprise: white wedding umbrellas look magical as lights decorations!

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  • Planning, Venue and Wedding Umbrellas (Part 1)

    Whilst we are by no means wedding experts (we know very little about cakes and seating plans!), over the years we have helped more than our fair share of brides choose their wedding umbrellas.

    We know it’s easy to feel like rain will ruin all of the time you have spent meticulously planning your big day, but we’ve found that a few showers can actually add an element of romance to the occasion.

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  • Waterproof Your Wedding Day With These Tips 

    Weddings aren’t always about bright sunshine. Living in Britain we know how unpredictable the weather can be, and how you can’t always be sure to pick a date that’s going to be warm and dry. But fear not, there are many ways you can prepare for the worst conditions and ensure your wedding day is waterproof.

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  • Top Tips on Buying your Wedding Umbrella

    Getting married outside of the summer months can be a worrying thought if you’re feeling unprepared for the likelihood of rain. You have all these ideas of beautiful clothes and carefree laughter in bright sunlight, and then you realise you might have to walk through your special day in a downpour. This is why many couples decide on having a stock of cheap wedding umbrellas on hand. Guests are grateful, expensive hair-dos are saved, and the wedding photos don’t have to look like a wash out. Here are some tips on saving money with your stock of wedding umbrellas.

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  • Top Photographs to Have of Your Wedding Day

    Your wedding album is going to be a memorable keepsake for your and your loved ones for years and generations to come. So it’s important to make sure you have the right photos that capture the mood and romance. After the event you might wish you’d thought more carefully because you can’t go back and replay those special moments, so here’s our list of key shots you’ll be glad you got first time around.

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  • You Can Totally Ignore These 5 Wedding Superstitions!!

    Opening an umbrella indoors is said to be bad luck, but we’re not so sure. After all, plenty of happily married couples have a stylish wedding umbrella as part of their iconic look, and yet their wedding day unfolds with all the same magic and romance, if not more as the umbrella-free versions. So that gets us thinking about all the other wedding superstitions that are definitely worth forgetting when you think about it. Here are some more we thought of.

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  • What To Consider When Including Pets At Your Wedding

    Couples involving their pets at their weddings are on the rise. However, as I'm sure any animal lover knows, pets can be very unpredictable which is something I'm sure you don't want on one of the most important days of your life. So, if you are thinking about having your favourite four-legged friend at your nuptials here are some things you should probably bear in mind.

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  • Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

    The age-old question that everyone planning a wedding asks… why are weddings so expensive? Well hopefully after reading this you will have the answer and also some sneaky tips to save for your big day.

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