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  • How To Manage Your Wedding In A Heatwave

    Brides and grooms often wonder what will happen if it rains on their wedding day. But what about if you have the opposite problem? Heatwaves are becoming increasingly frequent in recent years, and if you have your wedding day during the height of the summer months, it’s entirely likely it’s going to be a scorcher. How will you cope if the sun gets full on, and you find you’re getting married on the hottest day of the year? Here are some heatwave tips for your wedding day.

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  • Win A Pack Of JollyBrolly Branded Umbrellas

    Fancy your chance to win some umbrellas? Well here is your opportunity...

    We are giving away a pack of our branded umbrellas.

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  • Stunning UK Wedding Destinations for Summer!

    Have you decided that a summer wedding is for you? Maybe this time next year? If so, then you need a stunning venue in order to highlight this beautiful time of year. Whether you are looking for venues for an outdoor wedding ceremony or fancy a marquee in a garden of an elegant country house, take a look at what we would suggest for the perfect summer wedding.

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  • A Grooms Guide To Their Wedding Day - Part One

    No pressure, but while all the eyes are likely to be on your other half on your wedding day, the groom still has some big responsibilities to get right. That’s why we decided to write you a two-part guide to make sure you’re fully prepared. From rings to speeches, from the bachelor party to the evening do, we’ve got your back.

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  • Is Your Summer Wedding Just Around The Corner, Here Are The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Serve.

    Are you having your wedding in the height of summer? Then you’ll want some imaginative ideas for drinks. Everyone’s going to be thirsty, but not everyone is going to want to 'drink,' so it’s a great idea to come up with a really decent alternative to booze. Here are just a few ideas that will work for weddings in the summer months.

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  • Top Tips For Your Upcoming Destination Wedding.

    Destination weddings aren’t just for celebrities. If you have your heart set on a memorable location, give it some serious thought. If it works out, it's going to live in everyone’s conversation for the next few years, and you'll have some fabulous photos. Travelling further afield, for a ceremony and reception that’s worth a longer stay means the world is wide open to you. Where do you want to go?

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  • Recently Engaged? Here Are The 10 Things You Should Wait To Do!

    Let us let you into a little secret - there is no need to start planning your wedding at the precise moment you get engaged. Believe us, you will have more than enough to think about once you actually get down to business. However, for now, it's all about living in the moment, sharing the wonderful news with loved ones and taking some shameless ring selfies for Instagram. Here are 10 important wedding planning to-dos you can wait to get started on. 

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  • Why Umbrellas And Parasols Are The Perfect Addition For Your Wedding Day

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something to keep your perfect hair from getting drowned in a sudden shower. Ok, we added the part about the wedding umbrella, but those are the things all brides hope for on their wedding day, and you’re probably no exception.

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  • How To Avoid A Complete Wedding Dress Disaster

    Shopping for your wedding dress is no doubt the more stressful yet exciting part of the wedding planning process. With a group of trusted friends by your side, you are able to decide on the perfect gown to wear on the happiest day of your life.

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  • The Beast From The East Crashed The Wedding. But The Pictures Are Everything!

    Were you caught out in the recent blizzards? Nicknamed the Beast from the East, the monster-sized Siberian white-out was more than just a quick flurry of snow. Most people in Britain seemed to have been affected, with more than a few unexpected days off work or school, and a few stranded cars.

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