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Who Wears It Best?

Here at Jollybrolly we are always looking to the fashion trendsetters of the celebrity world to see how they accessorise their outfits with umbrellas. Although you may see the humble brolly as a bit of a one trick pony, many of the celebrity elite wear their umbrellas with pride both for their practical uses and as a fashion statement. Here we have a look at who wears it best...

1. 8/10
Click here to see Emma Watson perfectly demonstrating how to accessorise a look with an umbrella. She has chosen a beautiful clear-domed umbrella that goes perfectly with her dress. Also, the transparency of the brolly makes sure the attention is not detracted from her glowing face - the perfect red carpet choice!

2. 4/10:
We are used to more than this Kanye! Between various strange outfits and odd accessories, we expect to be surprised and often aghast at Kim and Kanye's fashion statements, but this plain dark brolly doesn't add the flair we are used to from this generation's power couple.

3. 6/10:
Lovely Leonardo DiCaprio proves that you can plug a film using almost any accessory these days, demonstrated by this Gatsby umbrella. Classic in style and shape, this traditional brolly matches his timeless tuxedo creating an air of elegance and sophistication.

4. 5/10:
Here we have Taylor Swift looking glum (perhaps listening to some of her own songs of heartbreak!) but still gorgeous. Her brolly of choice matches her outfit and brings together the colour of her bag and the pattern on her dress, the colour also compliments her skin tone without making her look washed out.

5. 7/10:
We love how Adam Sandler's daughter demonstrates how much fun rainy days can be. Whereas her father has forgone the umbrella, little Miss Sandler shows us how to keep dry and look pretty as a picture. The colours are cute and compliment her outfit, and who could resist the Little Mermaid theme!

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